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Real, or good special effects?

Myself, I call it a paintball gun (or propane gun) and good special effects work.  What say the commentariat?  H/t, Kevin for the original link.


 I gotta wave the BS flag. Doesn't look like enough recoil when it fires; UAS do not appear to have any sort of "shock absorber", and the guy was too willing to destry the thing. Just sayin'.  ML
Lots of pyro, but I wouldn't even call the special effect all that good.
muzzle flash added in post production.  Where is the receiver on this bad boy?  Exactly how is the ammunition feeding into the weapon, I'm not seeing a functioning weapon here.  The guy is clearly not Russian, no blond babes anywhere to be seen.
Amusing and entertaining but I think BS.

Typical Hollywood "fireball" impacts, no recoil on the airframe, and no indication of weapon or ammo on it.

If a real full auto gun is involved, I don't see that guy having the bucks to do it the legitimate Class 3 route, or being so cavalier about exercising the "self destruct"  feature.

And, the self destruct in the vehicle clearly involved more "boom and flame stuff" that this dinky bird could carry.

Would not be surprised to see the Brady Bunch go hysterical over this and try to ban model airplanes because they might carry guns.
Easy shooting at dummys but try a live human, I bet that whoever is the target would not just sit there and be shoot, they would most likley move around and shoot back.
  Watched this yesterday. Its deffinitely B.S. which is unusual for this guy. He normally shows off some cool new gear with gratuitous explosions but this video is pure B.S. Yeah, no reciever. Junk!  A little danger close too kinda verifies the bull.
Definitely fake, but Hollywood-level fake.  If you ignore everything you know about guns, safety, and explosives, it's a good time. 
 I wouldn't even call this  BS, because it never came  from a bull, more like a steer. If you want people to believe this, they need to see this “aircraft” do its thing, from the 3rd person position. He needs to understand, people are cynical, *especially, in this crowd*. If he wants to do a "self-destruct", fly above the car and do a down blast to destroy the car.
I've seen this guy before he's always been a showoff but he's not normally into this level of fakery.  I think he's a genuine Russian though.
 Let's all chip in and get one for Bill. If he had one he'd never have to woory about getting the Air Farce to let him back inside the wire, and he could hose down the DFAC if they made any more of the brown gravy with mint.
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"Hiya, Service Desk? Nice to meet you, Babu -- can I call you 'Bob'? Great. Bob, your net-nanny won't let me watch a special effects vid because it's *violent* -- dude, I'm in *Afghanistan*, and there's more real-life vio--no, I'm a contractor...yeah, Army, retired, but what's that got to--Vietnam, why?...look, I seriously doubt that watching a toy shooting CGI ammo is going to trigger flashba--yes, I have a weapon! I'm in Afghanistan! Now, look, I don't--whaddya mean, 'Ms. Napolitano wants to know where my fingerprints are on file'?!? What sort of--Bob, slow down, my Hindi is a little rusty. Bob, speak up, I can't hear you over the AKs -- is your office in *Kashmir*? Jammu, huh? My sympathies. Okay, now that the firefight's over -- by the way, are you good on ammo? Swell. Now, about letting me access the vid on the toy airplane--whaddya mean, "company policy?!?"
Gotta be a fake....

Assume for a moment that it's real.  Would you stand in front of that thing with the weapon controlled by a touchscreen?

 C'mon guys, of course it is fake!  The Russian accent is over-the-top fake and the whole thing is so campy that the I had to wipe the satire off my computer screen.  Absolutely hilarious, in my estimation!  Will have to subscribe to this guy.
Cheesy & obvious cuts, what sounds like an AK used for the sound FX, and the "self destruct" doesn't even rise to the level of amusing.

I can't dance to it, but I'll give it a 5. :)