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Outer Guarding

Soooo - This is how Gunner got his spritz.

Better get the Tomato Juice ready.



Actually, Boq, Mythbusters proved that another method is far more effective....a mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. 
That was actually a pretty patient skunk.
Yes, he was...  I did kind of detect a little "You want some more of this?!" in the skunks demeanor after the fact.
 I must agree, you had a very patient skunk. When I was a boy, I went with my grandfather and he was running some  fox dogs. This one time, they found  a skunk's nest and the mother came out, tail first. She had no problem expressing her displeasure with this big old dog.  When my grandfather caught up with him, the dog was running his nose under the water on a  stream bed.   He took the dog home and took a raw potato slices in half and got the  skunks message off the dog.
Woolite works well, too.  It's also easier to store for an emergency.
 Very patient and, perhaps, playful Skunk. It normally takes just once. Lex's Miniature Wiener dawg, Gus, took a shot several times. I don't know if the last one learned him or not since we ain't heard for more than a year now. There may have been no further opportunity for him to experiment.
 The funny thing about that Mythbusters episode is that they tried 3 different skunks but couldn't get a one of them to spray.  They ended up having to use synthetic skunk stink.
Some people have absolutely _no_  common sense.
I certainly hope the dog's owner was using this as a learning experience, as opposed to crass humor at the dogs expense. ;-/