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Not much recoil...

...for all that powder and weight of projectile.  Pretty stout mount! 

Some Gunner's Zen for your afternoon.  H/t, Kevin


What caliber?  Twelve inch?
I believe it's a 9.2 incher
Looks a tad bit like the cannon in the Guns of Navarrone., eh?


Rich in KCK

One of my very favorites, that "The Guns of Navarrone" especially considering John Wayne wasn't in it.
On a somewhat related (coast artillery) note, the SFGate (aka, SF Chronicle) website recently ran a few pictures of what's left of Battery Chamberlain, located at Baker Beach in the old Presidio.

Apparently, one of the 'disappearing' guns is still there.  They unveil it for display one weekend a month, along with cartridge magazine tours.  The gun's listed in the story at 50 tons.  Almost makes the erstwhile Crusader seem svelte.
is that a subcaliber device on top?