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More gun pr0n.

Bump guns.  Heard of them yet?  Cheap effectively-full-auto.

Both types pictured are ATF-approved. 

Until someone uses one to take out a playground, mall, or fill-in-the-blank crowd location.

Then they'll use that as an excuse to go for the magazines and the weapons that take them.

I know these stocks will be fun (and fricking destroy your ammo budget).  

But I still wonder about the unintended consequences.

Because you *know* someone is going to do something stupid/evil/driven by insanity.  Which will be used to just whale on us.


On the plus side, I've seen people bump firing for years (without special stocks, mostly), and the majority of them are really bad shots when doing it (unsurprisingly).

So they're likely to be ineffective at their intended slaughter.
Would be fun, but even if the ATF allows them in free states in the land of fruit and nuts (Cal), bump fire adjustments are still a quick way to lose one's gun rights for life.  Not to mention a 10 round mag won't go far with bump fire anyway.
I  had a chance to put a magazine down range with an AR-15 rigged with the bump fire stock last fall.  Very interesting experience as I am a novice at AR-15s. Given that, I was able to fire 2 to 3 round bursts with little effort and was able to keep the rounds on the target.

This fall I hope to try out an AK with the bump stock, hope hope.

And yes the bump stocks will make quick work of your ammo budget:-(


Rich in KCK

Sigi - especially with pistols, which are dang near useless in a full-auto mode anyway.
Cheap = $350?!?!?!?  Nah.  I'll pass.  Couldn't afford the bullets after getting one.  Unless I install the .22 conversion kit.  Now THERE'S an idea.  Probably not enough recoil to make it function.  :-(
Well, cheap as compared to several thousand (for something one the low end - I think an Ingram machinepistol maybe) for a pre-86 full auto, up to several tens of thousands (for, say, a functional MG-42 or M-60), plus the almost incidental at that point $200 tax stamp.

 What Heartless said.  I've entertained notions of getting a full-auto, since Kansas changed the law to allow the hoi polloi to own them again...  STEN - $4-5K, and the cheapest Vickers I saw (Wilson sideplate gun) $17K.  

Heh.  I can visualize the ammo bill for the Vickers... especially since there hasn't been a big import of milsurp .303 in a long while.
In a dreamworld, where the Hughes amendment and the 'sporting purpose' import restrictions are gone...

...did you even stop to think how many Maxims the Russkies probably have sitting around in warehouses?
Obviously, my point was missed.
No, Slick, not really.  We were just slipping into reverie...
My trigger time on the REAL things is above average and I'm all too aware of the  financial reasons for me not having any examples in the inventory.  Ammo expenses are/were beyond the pale.   This bump-gun thingy would certainally be a fun option, but at $350, waaaay overpriced.   I'd be in at $150. :-)   WARNING! Expect scrutiny from local authorities when having fun with one of these.  Show them the "LETTER".   Or better yet, invite them join in.  
. . . them TO join in.
The locals already know me.  Against the advice of some in the community, I cultivate positive relationships.

On Celebrate the Second on the Fourth, it sounds like a battalion live fire out here.
 Sadly it will still be banned here in Canukastan.

That being said I could not afford it anyways. If I could get a full auto I would get one of the beltfed .22cal mini-machineguns.
I think of the operating system of the latest Beretta recoil-operated shotgun, which obviously uses the shooter's shoulder as part of the operating system.  I betcha that gun won't function if you saw off the recoil pad and back the butt up to a solid wall.