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Meanwhile, at a classic meeting of a Rural Electric Cooperative...

My bid to take over my electrical cooperative in order to ensure that Castle Argghhh! would get a co-generation plant built on-site failed as I was unable to unseat the incumbent board member at the Annual Meeting.

Of course, I was outnumbered.  He's a farmer and he brought his family.

Hell, there were 35 door prizes and only 42 people present at the meeting, 6 of whom were ineligible for a door prize.

I didn't even win a door prize.

And because of the damn diet, I couldn't even eat the cookies.

This world domination thing is going to be harder than I thought.  It seemed so simple, I was going to get elected to the board, then find a local twit to burn down the main office, get the President of the Board to abdicate in my favor, at which point I would promply stack the board with my cronies, suspend the by-laws, and move out smartly from there, taking over that little co-op to the east.  After that, I'd settle the hash of those western co-ops and then move on to the prize - the Investor Owned Utility in a bloody proxy-battle to secure power for my peeps!

PS: I'm not actually crying foul over the election, BTW.  I'm just having some fun at my own expense to cover the ego-shattering reality that a group of farmers belonging to a well-run rural co-op decided they wanted an incumbent farmer who'd been a co-op member for 35 years, on the board for 9 years, three of those as board president, to continue in his position, vice the noob city-boy-who-lives-on-an-acreage.

After the election, the victor came up to me, thanked me for showing interest, and said, "This is my last term.  Come back in three years and I bet you won't have any trouble at all winning the seat!"

Which is probably true.


*snork*   :-)
You're doing it wrong.  FIRST you demand no proof of species to vote, THEN you bring the goats and chickens in and promise them all the cracked corn and old socks they can eat if they vote for you.  Extra head-skritches if the goats intimidate others from voting.

And if you want to set something on fire, it's squirrels every time.  Ruddy pyromaniacs, the lot of them.
Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! If that fails:
Brain: We must prepare for tomorrow night.Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night?Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

And if you want to set something on fire, it's squirrels every time.

Right. How'd those turncoat Doom Squirrels work out?

The fire thing? Is not so diffcult...
Wow, Bill; Phil Foglio!? I haven't seen his stuff in years. Kewl.

I had no idea that there were door prizes and I thought that the fix was in, otherwise you wouldn't have shown up at the meeting.  I'll remember that for next year and maybe if I can arrange to be the one that counts the votes, your scheme may yet come to fruitition.
Three years before the first district seat comes up.  I already told the guys on the Fort they screwed up by not showing up, now they'll be represented by the Atchison farmer instead of one of their own...  which is probably one reason I was crushed at the polls.

They figured I was a sock-puppet for Jack Welch and Bryan Market. 

Not true, but they, can't blame 'em.  They voted for one of their own.  Looking at the crowd demographic, I'm pretty sure that *I* was the median age there.

 No, you probably were just too mean.


Next time tell 'em you'll foregoe the pure-dime and the trustee fees and the free medical and life insurance if they vote for 'ye. Then take it anyway. Also once you're elected try to get on the board of the generation and transmission cooperative, that's were the real dough is.



Heh.  There may be a per-diem, but that's about it, if that.  We're talking a tiny little 3 county co-op, that doesn't cover any of the cities in the counties, except for Fort Leavenworth and Easton.