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Internet snipe hunt

Okay, as part and parcel of our chuckles over the travails of this tank crew, we noticed this Sherman has some non-standard appurtances on the glacis.  I admit I had overlooked that when the picture first caught my eye.  So, after J(NTA) pointed 'em out, I was completely unfamiliar with them and their purpose, so I went spelunking on the 'net to see what there was to see.

I found it.  Now let's see who's working and surfing schedules will allow them to find it as well.  Go ahead and put a link to the answer in the comments.  The answer is out there.

And if you are coming in late - do your snipe hunting first and don't read the comments until you are either successful or surrender.  

A forlorn hope...


Additional (2) lifting eyes welded to front  slope.
 You are seeing two of the mountings for the T-6 flotation device. Used by the Marines for the Okinawa landings.
I think they're the mounting points for the glacis plate that they would remove from a knocked-out Panther tank and hang on the front of the Sherman as additional protection against the better-gunned Panthers and Tigers.
 Great footage find Gary