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Gotta love Redneck Engineering...

"Here, hold my beer and watch this!"


"Cooter!  Go get the duct tape!!"
I must remember to tell the daughters that NO, while they may have the keys to their father's truck while he plays in the sandbox, they are NOT allowed to play with his truck like this.  YIKES! Although, if they DID, I could just blame it on his southern DNA. :)
Use proper tools ...

Day-yum. When I was *younger*, we just went fer hey-all rides
through th' boonies. Of course, a rifle on the dash, a handgun
somewhere's, a beer between the legs, and a Honi in the
middle were obligatory to the activity.  Gettin' "stuck" 'till mornin'
only added to the fun. Ya just hadda make sure the truck was
all muddy, and sorta damaged to clear it with her Pa.
*Snif. Ah shure does miss them daze.*

Amen to that, PrimEvil!  That video was like a high-school flashback! 
Soooo, what other festivities did you host at the Castle to celebrate Earth (-moving) Day?
Did we go back in time?