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Go Fetch!

It the time it took for Ranger the German Shepherd to fetch the Green Monster and back, long deployed master comes back.

Welcome home, and good boy!



Good score, Boq.
 listening to the happy barks made me cry.
That was one happy puppy. He couldn't even put down the nerf toy!

Oddly enough, there are 37 "dislikes" for that video. And, no,  they aren't all cat lovers. ;)

What kinda commie/pinko/whacko/heartless bastid would dislike this video.  I am not a dog person.  I am not a animal person.  Puppies & kitties leave me cold.  But I would still "Like" it.
 Maggie, your first sentence contains the description of such people and says all that needs to be said.
Aww, lovely to see. Thanks so much for your service. I am so glad that you are home safe and sound. Have fun with your dad and your furry brother. :)
QM, alas, I fear your analysis is correct.

What's sad  is that -if you follow some of the "related" links- you'll see some truly touching scenes of a father/brother/fiancee returning early. I get sand in my eyes every time I see one of these, and people actually dislike the clips. What is wrong with them? Even if you hate the war, shouldn't you be happy that folks get back sound?

Only petty and evil people could watch a sweet video like that and leave nasty comments.  No one in the realm of Argghhh! could be classified as either of those things :-)
Nice video, Boq - I love these, even though I always get dust in my eyes.
 No one in the realm of Argghhh! could be classified as either of those things :-)

Oh, I can think of a situation where one might. If you are a victim of SKK's deflagrating Lasagna, you might change your mind.