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Flex and adapt

 Are the woods just lousy with tanks and other armored vehicles, capable of turning your joke of an armed jeep into scrap when you engage them with your .50 cal?

Comes now the Ronco Tank-Cracker '44!  It slices, it dices!  Guaranteed to at least piss 'em off in ways that your .50's bullets just spanging away didn't!

Improvised armored jeep with bazookas.  9th ID in the Battle of the Bulge.


 Forerunner of the Ontos?
Oooooh Jeep pr0n!
Noting the armor, an add on by the troops? Also, why is the pistol grip on the right hand weapon so much farther forward than on the left hand one?
The one on the right looks to actually have an extra pistol grip - look back toward the mount thingie, and you can see what looks like a trigger guard, in the same place as on the left side one.
Actually, Chuck, and HL, the difference is the forward pistol grip on the left-hand launcher is missing.  If you look closely, you can see the trigger guard for the rear pistol grip peeking out there on the right-hand launcher.

The armor is a theater add-on, and wasn't terribly effective, except as a morale-booster.  Kind of like the sandbags on the Shermans.  The putative additional protection was not proportional to the impacts of the added weight.
 What is that wire running partway up the right one?
There are actually wires on both, though not clearly visible.  The rockets are electrically fired, by batteries that are in the shoulder stock.  The wires carry the pulse from the trigger to the leads on the rockets.

As my favorite Platoon Sergeant used to say, "If it moves put a gun on it; if it still moves, put another gun on it.


Just think:  30 years later things like DRAGON were being used much the same way.  Plus ca change?

Where'd this photo come from John? I had a couple of relatives in the 9th during this time (and before, in the Hurtgen), and I'd like to browse around in the collection to see if there are any other shots of the Division. Thanks!
Pvt: Sarge? Why are we putting this here thing on this here jeep? You know the bazooka wont work against them German tanks!

Sgt: Well private. If one wont work, two wont work twice as good. Shut up with the questions and finish mounting that thing.
 Orson - part of an internet trove of totally unattributed pics, this being one of the few that had any sort of caption with it, and is the only one that was Bulge-ish.  Most of them were Italy, Holland, France, and focused on Brits.
Kinda reminds me of the late LTC Charles "Bazooka Charlie" Carpenter, and his armed Piper Cub, "Rosie the Rocketer."  Pictures of the man hisself and his AL-4H can be seen here, courtesy of his daughter, Carol A. Apacki.

I knew a guy who mounted a LAW on his right skid, just below the crosstube attatching point of his OH-13 and rigged it to the clacker from a Claymore as the trigger. He climbed to 1,500 feet, lined up on an abandoned bunker and started his dive. He forgot two things -- the most important one being that a rocket will orient into the prevailing wind.

He had to squeeze the clacker with his right hand, because the wire was too short to do it with his left hand, so he let go of the collective and used his left hand to steer with the cyclic. The collective promptly began settling, inducing a relative wind from below.

The second thing he forgot was to keep the aircraft in trim -- he was now holding in too much left pedal, because the settling collective reduced the amount of torque going to the rotor system, so he also had a self-induced relative wind coming from the right.

He squeezed the clacker.

The LAW oriented down and to the right -- and the backblast from the tube and residual crap from the rocket oriented up and to the left.

Right into the cockpit.

He had his helmet visor down, so he still had his eyes, but he landed with half a mustache...
Um, whoops!

I was going to say he must have pissed off his own guardian angel, but he was still alive, sooo... :)