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Dee Fry-o-Lator

This morning, I was having a casual conversation with Castle Denizen Argent about the finer points of deep frying cooking.



Well, Boq (and all within strking distance of The NoVa),  if you mosey out to the Tank Farm in August you can see one of these beauties in action, up close and personal! 
Hey! That's Gunny in the vid! He does all our flamethrower demos at the Tank Farm!

My dad was a flamethrower operator for the Army in Korea.
Ooooo! Me wanna's goes!!!!!
And... you give us the talk, but not the walk, Boq?  Weak sauce, boyo, weak sauce.
Bq - i shall send ye the particulars.

As for the walk...

Thats great! If you want to see one of these up close and personal used on a Japanese bunker you need to head the the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. A wonderful museum and they do living history through out the year right there at the museum. They have their own combat zone. here are some links. and
Yup Boss, that's what my life's become: Thin Gruel.

And I Fökkin Hate It!!!

SKK - I got to feel the heat out of that puppy.  Chalk me in for August at your playground. :-)
You got it, Boq! And I promise you, it throws a whole lotta heat a mighty long ways!  It sounds nice, too. Like a sudden burst of burning gelignite.

SKK you do know of course that the Gunny's office is just across town from me...
Dave, Are you serious? I thought he was out at Quantico! 
GYSGT Williams and his folks do a great job.
More on their program at
Aaaaand SKK is *still* at Numbers 1, 2, and 3 -- HAT TRICK! -- for ""Flamethrower Demonstration, S'mores Not Included."

Flamethrower familiarization (toasted an M-113 hulk, a bunker, and a clump of huckleberry bushes) on Range 4 at IGMR in




I so love these little victories...

1967, huh? That was right before the S'mores recipe got changed, and JMH was still experimenting with an "adult" version featuring distilled marshmallow root, and...
I always thought so too...but our female Assistant Scoutmaster works at a flower shop in town and he is always stopping in to place orders.