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Caption Contest (Cavalry Kiss Edition)



 Puppy!  The Prez sez these are tasty!  Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom!
Puppy!  It's what's for dinner!

Puppy!  The new white meat... 
mmmm... tastes like chicken!  :)
Horse Bites Dog - Stop the presses!!!
 This horse is the official tastetester for President Obama.  
"Back off, Hunter!  Only THE WON eats dog around here!!"
Silly Righties........EVERYONE who's ever gone overseas has eaten doggie at least once!
Even with my trips into the mysterious east, I'm thinking I'm more likely to have had horse than dog.

I've had sheep's eyeball too.  BleArgghhh.
And knowing your luck, them peepers were accompanied by a side of red beets.
Nah.  Just had the one.  And turned it back on the guy who gifted me the one by insisting he have the other one.

Hoist on his own petard.  His junior officers told me later that he did that to all his american guests - and I was the first one to trap him into having to eat one.  I am a legend in that very small part of a very small army...
Dog's got your tongue?
They may be small, but fierce(in a Russian accent).

Hey, if it's where I think it is, they don't have to be big to win, just committed to winning because they're not alone. 
Horse? Definitely in France, most likely in Germany, and erm.......zebra in the USA (in chili).

Dog? Most likely in Italy, definitely in the USA (well, coyote anyway. Close enough)

And raise your hand if you remember the whole kangaroo patty kerfuffle! (personally, I prefer 'roo over white tail)

It's all protein.
Not at my place, OR...  I don't pretend to be fair and balanced on that issue.
Oh, I'm not saying that I LIKED horse or basically any other "exotic" meat, nor that I'd seek the stuff out on more than a dare (the first time I had Rocky Mountain Oysters was only a few miles away from you). But in a fairly short lifetime I've eaten FAR more things than the average cloistered suburbanite, and I'm likely better off for it. And when you're travelling the world and there's no KFC around, the marinated rat on a stick may well be the only thing around to eat.

And remember what they taught at survival school: virtually any animal protein = safe to eat. Virtually any plant material = useless or poisonous. And don't even touch the 'shrooms!

Oh: and I don't recommend the lion or whale blubber. Deep fried cicadias are ok with plenty of tobasco.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Rat on a stick, the best was on Plantation Rd in Siagon!
 I don't know a soul who eats coyote, but we do not hesitate to shoot them around here and leave them for the vultures.
 OH! What big teeth you have!