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All That For A Flag?

For she leads, wherever we go, Michelle.




Ya did look closely at the flag, right Boq?
Tisk, tisk. :big dumb grin:
I love it.

The SWABBIES would think otherwise of their Jacks, youknow ;-)


 As may be - still not the flag you've been snarking her over...
Whee! Rattlesnake Jack! Bite 'em!
In port the Navy Jack is treated with the same respect and ceremony as the Stars abd Stripes.
While underway the Navy Jack is not flown and the staff is stowed. The aft flag staff is also stowed and the Stars and Stripes are flown from the main mast. The main mast will usually have a gaff to fly the Stars and Stripes. The gaff is concidered the honored position. The Commissioning Pennant will fly from the mast head.

There seem to be no lifelines at the forward staff. Not a safe condition.