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After you get groped/mugged by the TSA...

...and are shuffling aboard your aluminum tube to hurtle through the air wondering if the folks in the front seat are going to lose it and go beserking down the aisle... remember there is someone flying a *real* no-frills airline that truly does consider you self-loading cargo!

MANAS AIR FORCE BASE, Kyrgyzstan (March 27, 2012) U.S. Marines and Sailors assigned to Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 6, are seated in a U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 Globe Master III military transport aircraft at Manas Air Force Base, Manas, Kyrgyzstan. Marines and Sailors were in transition to Afghanistan to begin a 7-month deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Sean M. Searfus)


Usually pictures like this come with the caption "A rare look inside a can of whoop a$$".
 Which is why this one didn't...
Not a bad place. Busy as all get out when I was there at the start of the month, but it was not that bad.
I'll take a ride in a C-17 over anything the commercial world has to offer.  We call it "flying with the family."  All the pax (that's what they call us self-loading cargo) take care of each other and the passenger terminal personnel and the aircrews always tell you the truth if you are delayed/diverted.  I have hopped many times before and after retirement (almost as many times as I deployed on a C-130/141/5/17) and have enjoyed every experience. the fact that the military handles its own security and you don't have to deal with the TSA thugs... er... individuals is a huge plus. If you are hopping a cargo mission, you have a lot more personal space than depicted above which is a pure troop movement mission.

Just so y'all know, I spent my whole career in fighter maintenance/loading and was never assigned to MAC/AMC so this is not an ad, just a testimonial.
Seven rows back -- Thumbs up!
Seats and seat belts.......pussies!  In my day they put 30 or 40 of us on an aluminum palet.  A plain bare aluminum palet and then put the cargo in the back, so if we crashed there would be any witnesses.
You know the spec sheet says the inside height is 12ft 4 in. (I wanted to see if the picture was fooling me so I looked it up.) It seems like an upper deck could be worked in. It would be a lot less comfortable, but I bet you could put another set of five seats right on top of these. Now as to whether you utilize the seats with about 5 feet of clearance (less than six feet for certain) on the top is another question. It would take some of that old solid metal "flight-line" (maybe even the pierced metal planking stuff) and something to hold it up. It could at least be used, without seats, as a good stowage.

Who would take this idea and run with it? For the Army, I would say Natick. I'm sure AF has something similar.
The problem with that would be weight. And outside of troop movement, the cargo capacity would go way down. This setup provides max flexibility for loadout.
From the look of all those scary guns security is taken care of also. Well done!
CCO, no real need for a second deck. Eyebolts in the overhead and ranks of gunners belts to dangle several layers of passengers. I had forgotten how much space was available once you got off the deck. Weight shouldn't be an issue: if the C-17 will haul one M-1 tank, you've got enough capacity to haul x3 this load of folks. (figured at 300#/person).

Make sure your overhead bin is secure!
I see he even managed to catch somebody using the relief tube, too...
I'd take that roominess over the wonderful accomodations in a C-130 anytime.  If i had a nickel for every mile I flew in trash haulers belted into the webseats on the sides, i could have bought one!  And as did Oldloadr, I spent all my 20 years as a fighter crew chief...  AMC/MAC did a great job then too....