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A Moment of Gun Collector Zen

 The Castle's Century Arms Int'l "Golani" a semi-auto version of the Israeli "Galil" which was itself an offshoot of the Finnish Valmet rifles based on the basic AK action.  With a milled receiver, this weapon takes the reliability of the AK and marries it to a more accurate (because of rigidity and a longer sight plane), and tougher, platform.  The ambidextrous cocking handle is useful, too.



Only way you could be meaner is put it up with a can of cheesy poofs. 
Jealous!  Yet another item on my list of wants that I'll most likely never get.
 My Daewoo DR-200 is a nice piece too. AK gas system with the stoner lock up. Adjustable gas port, no direct impingement with good accuracy potential, and takes the AR-15/M-16 mags to boot. Very nice piece.

I like the Galil as well. The built in bottle opened is a very important addition for those after battle periods of relaxation.

No walnut stock.  No blued steel.

Not a real gun, I don't think.
BRAINS!  Nice, always wanted a Valmet.