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What to do about those "Crazed Combat Vets?"

 Well, first, counter the meme, reduce the sensationalism intended to sell papers/grab eyeballs, and put out some real info and try to point out where the meme if fueld by cooked data.

Of course, the problem is - that's not much fun to read.  So much better to just skim the headline, shake your head sadly, and let the meme soak in.

Over at WarOnTerrorNews, they're trying to deflect the meme of the Crazed Combat Vet:

In the first quarter of 2012, the media has publicized an Iraq Veteran killing a Park Ranger in Washington, an Orange County Deputy killing a Marine, an Army Private being stabbed to death by Meth Heads in Washington, and a Staff Sergeant that allegedly killed 16 Afghans in their sleep, along with so many other stories of Violent Veterans. The media is quick to tell us that these are Combat Veterans, but often fail to tell us when the person was tossed out of the military, like in that first case listed, or correct the story when they weren't in Combat at all, or weren't in the military as they had claimed.

In 2008, the NYTimes was on the same hunt, to prove that "Crazed" Combat Veterans were slaughtering American Civilians. They wrote about 121 cases in which someone died. The problem was that in many of those the Veteran was found to be innocent or to have acted in self-defense, while in others the trial had not occurred, and in many it was not murder at all. In those latter cases, it was often a car accident, that helped to boost their body count. When it was all said and done, the numbers demonstrated it was safer to be near a Combat Veteran than to be in the safest big city in America.

Here's one more point in the Googlebot's tally.


Like I said on FB:  Move them next to me.  I'm quiet, respectful, keep normal hours, and often overlook other's quirks 'casue I have a tonne myself---often gravitate to those with 'em.  They're right welcome in my little section of IN. 

Unfortunately, these days, we have a more fully formed PTSD industry that is also agitating, in those subversive ways that we have been introduced to by our current presidential administration and those it so admires, for a piece of the commonwealth pie that is both larger and has a longer shelf life.  The despicable nature of these types, who pretend to be serving the interests of our military and veterans while in actuality having no truck with them or what they are trying so hard to accomplish, is well beyond my limited skills to describe.

As Eric Hoffer is purported to have written,"What starts as a cause, becomes a business, and ends up as a racket.
 See what Fisk has to say.  He's a jerk - 

maybe you could fisk Fisk.
Bobby Fisk has never recovered from having his purse snatched and his face slapped by boys in the Peshewar souk.

This whole 'crazed combat vet' shit pisses me off. I was raised within
a family of ex-GI's,and within a friendship circle of ex-GI's. There could
not have been a set of less 'crazed' guys. They were stern gentlemen,
and yes, one is a 'Nam-vet, which is where the whole 'crazy Vet' meme
got started. It's utter horseshit.
Actually PrimEvil the crazy vet meme started before Vietnam and very possibly before the USA.

I want to emphasise the need for connection.  Whether you like it or not the mils who go "crazy" are going to be seen.  If they are all that is seen the meme strengthens.  Make yourselves visiible as boring old normals to counter it.

On Fisk:

Well really Fisk says what he really wants to say right away doesn't he. He's not crazy he's a murdering terrorist. Which really is the other meme isn't it?

Style is self focused in an attempt to be interesting but I read it as narcissistic.

See the point on Haditha. It shows how badly that event was mangled. Fisk is not the only one who brings it up again and again.

Fisk does show very well how the whole crazy meme gets faked up in the absence of knowledge.

“We learned yesterday that the soldier had recently seen one of his mates with his legs blown off. But so what?”

Shows total disconnect of his perception of Mils being humans.

The quote from General Allen is significant. If true the thrust of this part of Fisk's argument is right. Command is worried about revenge attacks.

Vietnam reference. Prelude for the thunderous My Lai rechew no doubt.

“As usual, the journos had got into bed with the military to create a madman rather than a murderous soldier.”

What this quote shows to me yet again but many of you may not know, is the mirror opposite of the conservative world. Most of the left think the MSM serve the right. Naturally FOXnews is the main front of that.

Good ol' My Lai refluxed and rechewed as I expected and another event I do not know the details of. I think he's trying to broad brush it as Western not just the USA.

And the real emotional machine gunning is here in the last paragraph pooping out what he wishes the reality reflected. If you're easily pissed off I would honestly skip that paragraph and probably the whole article. Really.

And the worst thing is he's right about Afghanistan losing.

Herein lies the problem. Mils have have the courage and discipline but it is not perfect. Nothing is. There will always be a number who do not have the discipline. As the mils have high numbers for a long time the risk of these events increases.

So people like Fisk turn a failure in a million successes into the total failure fullstop.

I'm just thinking this is a two front war. One of the fronts is at home.

@SWWBO:  Someone's reading at Memeorandum again......

Yeah, I sent that to John and Bill when I saw it.  Man's a turd.  'Nough said. 
The crazy vet meme was around during the the Trojan War, and also was applied - brutally - toward Scipio Africanus after he smoked Hannibal. More recently, we had it in this country after the Spanish American War. And ever since. 
Yawnn. As anyone of the meanest understandin' can plainly understand, engaging in Mortal Kombat tends to mess with one's mind. As Mrs. Mason put it in her book, fucked-up is rather normal for combat veterans. She even quoted Shakespeare to make her point, there.

I do believe that the vast majority of combat vets keep their heads together and act normal, but if you pick a fight with them or otherwise provoke them, it would be fun to watch what they do to you. 
 People tend to fear that which they don't understand. Let me be precise, you do *not* need to be in the Military to understand. But you do need to take the risk of trying to understand.