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Trolling For Dusty Bait



Reminds me of a Far Side cartoon:

Having spent 24 years responding to the whims er - decisions of the zipper-suited sun-god community, I can assure you all; if you ever hear a jock say any of these things, don't worry about what the Mayans said, the end is near!  LOL

 Oldloadr, the end would not be near, the end would here.

C5s would have been the way to go? Not from teh mouth of a fighter pilot. Not in a million years, and no matter how inebriated.
Just to clarify one thing, you will never hear anyone in the military say anything good about the electronic abortion that is DTS. Defense Travel Service, more like Definite Total Suck.
 Superb. Brought back way too many good (and not-so-good) memories.  
BTW, I'm in the middle of a 3000+ mile road trip with the junior Attila...if you have a chance to just takeoff and show your kid why you love America so much, do it. My only planning f**k up was not coming back through the Leavenworth area to harass The Armorer.  
Pike's Peak? Almost...closed due to winds.
USAFA? Check.
Winslow Meteor Crater? Check.
Zion National Monument? Check.
Monument Valley? Check.  
Grand Canyon? Check.
Maybe a few more, like:

"I'm looking forward to that ALO assignment."

"Flight suits make me look fat."

"The AF should have warrant officer pilots, like the Army."

"Screw air combat, let's go drop more bombs!" (Does not apply to A-10 pilots)

"Helicopters are much harder to fly than jets."
Heartless - ya do know Dusty was the Officer Commanding the USAFE ALOs...
We love our planes slow, slow enough for rear bird strikes.... (only applies to A10 pilots :) )
Just because you're assigned to a billet doesn't mean you like the job, John...

I don't know of too many combat arms officers who like being the S4, BMO, etc.  Or any non-AG officer who enjoys being the S1...
 Ordinarily, that would be true, HL, but in my case it was a "Wing Commander-equivalent" (COMUSAFE's words) billet. Now, while ANY command is (usually) good, this one was GREAT 'cause I got to help a whole theater of ALOs and ETACS recover from less-than-stellar leadership (I was only their second CO to come off the USAFE Command List...ever) AND go to bat for guys who who did no-s**t ground work w/their Army units but hadn't had so much as tents w/floors for 15 years.