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Today is a very "circle of life" day at the Castle.

The Auld Soldier's burial flag flies at half-staff in honor of Sergeant Jamie Jarboe, who will be laid to rest in Topeka today.

But the first thing I did today was take my pillow-buddy Meriwether to Piddler's Green, to join the other Furry and Feathered Denizens.  He finally surrendered to his cancer during the night.  

But, to balance against all that, today is the Prodigal Son's Natal Day, that day having thus brought Ashes, and later Miles into our lives.

It's just going to be a weird day.

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam  of Sergeant Jamie Jarboe.

And then we dance sing a spark to the Great Hunting Ground and Tennis Ball Chasing Facility at Piddler's Green.


Some days are rough and joy at the same time can make it pretty overwhelming.  Still it reminds us that we're alive.  Because those people and furry friends matter.  Be well John.
Bittersweet doesn't even begin to describe it. Sorrow they're gone, happy their pain is over, your pain at the loss, pleasure remembering the times you've shared. The mix of emotions is enough to you seem bi-polar.

This September will be 20 years since my father died. There was a time I couldn't imagine life without my parents, even when I moved hundreds of miles away, I knew I could always count on them for advice, whether I took it or not. 

It seems there isn't a week that goes by anymore when I don't hear of someone's death or serious illness. If you dwell too long on such thoughts you just get maudlin. The only way to protect yourself from loss is to never become attached to anyone, and that is no way to live.

Be thankful for those you still have, give your spouse an extra kiss and scratch behind your pet's ear a little longer, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
 Poor Meriwether. RIP kitty cat.
Life seems to go in cycles. I also have had some recent need for the burial routine. Stand Tall and May God Bless.
Sorry you're having a hard day, John. Thank you for the care you take for all of those within your reach.
 Condolences on Meriwether, John.
(((hugs))) and
((((hugs)))) and
Two years and two weeks since I lost Pestilence. She will no doubt join the others in making Meriwether welcome while they wait.
Aw, shit. Dawgs are wonderful, but they die 'way too soon.  But then I look at mah kitteh, who is 17.  Hell, I'll be 61 soon.  I am at the age at which any new animal buddies are very likely to outlive me.  My current kitteh looks to be on the same ship leaving the  planet  as mine. 

I would hate to  outlive him,  get a new young kitteh,  and then   wonder what he he is up to while I am being dead.