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The Mighty Hunter...

 Woke up this morning to the Exterior Guard going full goose batshite bozo.  When it was finally light enough to see - I went to see what there was to see.  Gunner has been engaged in pest control.

Check out the whole story of Gunner's adventure here, in the Facebook album (They say you don't have to be a Facebook person for this link to work....)

LIving out here is fun.  Even if internet access sux.


Some great photos of a the fearless possum hunter.

I was always of a mind to shoot the buggers because of the threat to horses if they get access to their feed.   Had an old Mustang siting out back under a tree for 2 years with not battery.   Sold it on Ebay and openend the hood to put a battery in it and there was ta big fat possum living under the hood.  Those critters have some teeth.
Half way through, I'm thinking SKUNK!
 And you were wrooong!

I've heard of skunks I wonder if they would have heard the whimpering from the house.
 The Guard knows from skunks.  They've all been skunked once.

The raised tail on the north end, of a south bound skunk, means only one thing, *BACK OFF*! It usually takes only one lesson for the dogs to learn. I should say, I haven't heard of many dogs in need of a refresher course, on that lesson.
Shoulda shot that possum on sight. They're canny and might evade the dog, and they are the filthiest critters, with every scratch or bit to your animals becoming infected.
I might take a chance on the Failbook thing, as much as I loathe and despise it, as training for what I have grudgingly decided I might need to do: That is, join up on the memorial Neptunus Lex page, to help keep that community together. 

Why is this?  Why, just a little while ago I had an involuntary "Oh, God, Lex is still dead!"  moan escape my throat, from thinking about the man.
Yep, Rivr.  Fortunately, all of my and my friends' kittehs have had sense enough to retreat from the possums which inevitably showed up when we made the mistake of leaving the cat food out at night.  Oh, we got a raccoon doing that once! With pics! Unfortunately, all the pics are on an old dead irrevivable cell phone.
Justthisguy -- has a few of us at the moment, more arriving. You're not the only one still missing him.
Yep, htom, I just joined up.  Had to do some stupid un-necessary WP manipulation to do so. Sorry, thinking about the loss of a friend, though only an online friend, tends to make one rather grumpy, and sometimes moan, a bit, when he thinks nobody is listening.
 Looks the 'possum had a hard road before he went to ground under that rock.