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Something to do tonight at 8:30PM your local time...

 Turn on every light in your house.   Celebrate an hour of power.  


Not only will I turn on all the ights, I will leave the doors oopen with the A/C going full blast.  Also I think it might be time to fire up the grill as well.
Um, no.

With fuel prices inching toward $5/gallon I'm looking to save what I can where I can.  Even RBBH is walking to work now. 

If you've the economic headroom, by all means.  I don't. 

I may push for pizza though....
I don't agree with wasting energy to celebrate the fact we have it.  That is stupid. I also see it as a token effort just like Earth Hour.  There are too many token efforts already so I advocate putting the light switch whereever you darn well please.  Now that is real empowerment.  You deciding when you want the light on or off and not other people who think you should do what they say.
  Argent, in the grand scheme of things you are, of course, correct. However, counter-mockery serves it's own purpose.

We didn't, in fact, do anything different last night than we do any night. But the simple fact of culture remains that an unanswered argument is considered a winning one, and develops its own momentum.

In a far more substantial move on my part (albeit a very tiny one in the global sense) is that I put my name in the hat for this month's election to the empty seat on the board of trustees for the electrical co-op that provides my power.