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Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

And at Castle Argghh!, you should pay attention to them.  That last line is especially operative as you *leave* the Armory area...

However, even more than the previous sign, you should pay attention to the bottom line of this sign. If you have bad thoughts, bad decision-making skills and poor impulse control, you could regret them.

Amazing what you can find on eBay. With receipts, proving purchase from DRMO and not a five-finger discounter with a screwdriver.

I think I realize what all the relatively sudden jonesing for the signs is about - I'm nesting-up and surrounding myself with the physical manifestations of childhood memories. I grew up amongst all these kinds of signs, and I miss that, oddly enough.


You meany, Sir! You didn't mention Teh Kittehs! 

Or The Kids! Goats are amusing, lovable, and even useful.  After cats, I think I like goats the most.  There is a goat who lives illegally near me, named Charly Elvis. My landlord's wife raised him from a kid, not expected to live, with a bottle.  He loves to butt against my hand, but has better manners than to butt against my head. He loves a good swim in the pool at the landlord's place, helps keep the lawn trimmed, relishes a page from my notebook now and then, and is an all-around Good Kid.
KNow what you mean about the signs. Rings a few bells for me too, although mine were mostly Air Farce brand. Back in the 50s and 60s Army and AF signs were very similar, and in Germany they were pretty much identical.

Of course, for a 12 year old some signs were just meant to overlooked. Like the time a couple of junior LTs got me to the flight line at Ramstein. I was sitting in the rear seat of a 2 seat F-104 when a couple APs cordially invited said Lts and myself to accompany them. They led us to a Wing Commander's office where I was asked my father's name, then was informed he knew my father and that the signs did indeed apply to me and that he would have a cordial conversation with my father if he ever saw me on his flight line again. As I was closing the door, after a rather rapid exit, I heard the good Colonel say to the two braced Lts, "Now, as for you two...."

Yeah, I remember those signs :-)
 You'd like the new ones, then, QM - they're both ex-Air Force.
 I can understand an "Armorer Restricted Area".