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Mike Yon...

...picking the fight he probably shouldn't.


Talk about the new poster child for the term, "Jumping the shark."
To a vindictive narcissist (look up the term, it's quite enlightening), any kind of attention is good.  Best response is to not respond.  Totally freaks them out.
Mike needs some serious R&R....about five years worth.
 Pogue, this character reminds me of the firemen who is  going to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on the fire. It may be theoretically possible, but I'm not going to do it

MAJ Arkay, you are quite right, he is the poster child for Narcissm. By the way, I did follow your suggestion to look the term up in the dictionary. Well done!

Skip, I agree with your assessment of his need, but the question becomes, where? I dare not say where I believe it should be.  The BOSS would not appreciate it. John had been very patient with me and I don't want to push it.

CJ is a good character, we may not have always agreed, but he was always honorable!
I'm seriously beginning to think that MY needs to have his head examined. The inside, with an MRI, to locate the tumor and see if it's treatable.
Heh. Reminds me of the the funniest thing ever on this site, "I bet you think this war is about you, don't you..."
htom, all of us get silly from time to time.  If we are lucky, our friends tell us that we are getting silly and that we should stop doing that right now.  Maybe Mr. Yon doesn't have any friends, or at least any friends who are brave enough to tell him that he is being silly.
I unsubscribed from MY's increasingly bizarre rants today,

No time for idiots.
MY must be a bit worried about back lash on this one because imagine my surprise when I found a request for funding from MY in my bulk mail folder today. Very surprising since I had unsubcribed from his updates back when the first (that I knew of) brew haha started between SA Germany, Grayhawk and MY.

Looked a little closer and seems he had a different mailing list of people that had donated via paypal, which I had in the early days. Luckly it also has an unsubscribe button conveniently located in the email. CLICK!

I hope one day MY finds the help he clearly needs.
 JTG - his friends (or former friends, we milbloggers who helped him launch) tried to intervene and get him reoriented... as my song-writing you refer to indicates, we were unsuccessful.

It is sad.  But when he continues his character assassination of CJ, and then jumps on Soldier's Angels, there has to be some pushback.
With respect to crazy vs. insane, one of Terry Pratchett's characters once observed that "crazy is foaming at the mouth, while insane is foaming at the brain."

I'm surprised the man still has followers.