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Meanwhile, over where the steaks aren't that good...

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Saldivar (left), from San Antonio Texas, of 2nd Platoon, D Company, 3rd Battalion, 509th Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Task Force Spartan, gives directions to his soldiers, Spc. Zach Griffith (center) from Springboro, Ohio, and Spc. Kelbey Cranston (right), from Tyler, Texas, in the town of Kolagu, Paktiya province, Afghanistan, March 8, 2012. Taking a step back to let Afghan National Forces take the lead during Operation Khoti Kheyl to advance their presence throughout the province and demonstrate their strength and capabilities. Photo by Spc. Phillip McTaggart


Just because dinner's a bit hard to keep down doesn't mean you need to get it yourself.
The camouflage is most excellent, the uniforms being hard to tell from the background, except for the faces.

The guy on top, an obvious African-ancestry type, needs to lighten up his face.  The other two guys, obviously White, need to gray-green up their faces to match the rest of their uniforms.

Yah, I know it was posed, obviously, but don't people know that the Army has issued makeup kits for the faces of our soldiers for years and years and years, with specific advice for light-skinned sojers, dark-skinned sojers, and those who are in-between?
P. s.  Oh, wait! This is obviously a Public Affairs, "Hi, Mom!" kinda pic! The troops' faces need to be plainly visible, there!

I do hope that when those guys go out for real, they are allowed to paint their faces appropriately.  As any American Indian can tell you, that is good for morale, at the very least.

It could be worser. No telling how many times I've seen the peace time pics of soldiers all prettied up in cammo. The paint job ending right at their jaw line and hat line. The paint all shiny from being mixed with skeeter juice.

Ears, neck, and the top half of the forehead, all nice and flesh tone.