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Lex doing what Lex did best, and enjoyed the most. Flying.

Untitled from Nep Lex on Vimeo.  H/t, Sean.


Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to know we aren't dreaming as well, Lex. Unfortunately it reminds us you're gone.
 He tried to put that on You Tube, but they kept taking it down because of the music.

Lex went with his spurs on, fighting to the end. As we well know, peacetime doesn't mean troops don't die. I recall teh chief TAC telling my flight at Rucker, that if we were assigned to Campbell upon graduation, we'd beter keep our life insurance paid up. Lex knew the risks, but thought he could manage or beat them. But, you can do everything right and still lose the battle.
Thanks John.

I am still in a state of disbelief.  Lex gone?  The world is a lesser place, though most certainly better for having him among us for awhile.  What a great guy and one person that I will miss for a long time.
Per Ardua Ad Astra...
 Lex gone? In a sense, the answer is yes, but in a much bigger sense the answer is a defiant *no*! Take a look at  all of the tributes to Lex. What do they say? If you stop and think about it, they prove a portion of Lex lives in each one of us. Be glad!
We have all lost an Officer and a gentleman.
Yes, Gone West. But sure-n' Hell not forgotton.  He served as a superb role model and his command of English prose will live  and inspire many for years to come. WELL DONE, Friend!