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Internet snipe hunt, continued

My working hypothesis going into this was Brit Home Guard.  It was a dead-end.

As near as I can tell, the picture shows British soldiers of the Worcestershire regiment using what appears to be an ad-hoc german anti-tank gun made from a 20mm Kampfwagen Kanone of the type used on german armored cars and half-tracks and light tanks. Note the periscopic sight (clearer in this blow-up) which is a dead ringer for the periscope attachment used on german aiming circle and open-topped turret sights such as those used on the scout cars.


Instead of "using the gun" in a combat sense, I suspect that this is simply a case of a photographer who shot a couple of troops posing with a gun that had been captured or abandoned by the Krauts. 

But, I cannot tell you anything about this gun, other than I don't have one for sale....
Monty Python ... didn't make anythingup he just took note of what the real Brits looked like ... and acted like.  :)