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'Bout that Executive Order...

 Yanno - this one: Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

The one that has so many people's panties bunched up.

Just about every President has signed similar things for similar reasons - when I was a WMD response planner at 5th Army, EOs like this would essentially provide the legal cover and initial response guidance in the event of a truly massive event. And yes, the authorities can be abused, certainly.

When Bush was in office, there were lefties who lived in abject fear of the certainty that Bush was going to pull out something like that to prevent Obama from taking office. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, some on our side live in deathly fear of this sort of thing - But the only thing truly new is... we know about the orders because of the internet and how it works to speed the dissemination of information (not least because the White House emails out the notifications (and I'm on that email list) and posts them on the website.   Additionally, he nature of the threat and vectors for it has changed over time, vastly complicating things - especially since people expect the government to both prevent anything from happening, to respond perfectly when something does happen, and also not interfere in any way with their lives.  Pretty much an impossible mission.

Back in the now-rapidly-receding past, we were pretty much just worried about a war with the USSR, which we believed would follow a pretty predictable path. Now we face a threat that is diffuse and much harder to target and plan against. Which makes the response planning documents much scarier when you read them from an external perspective. But my point is... we publish this stuff. Out there in the open. And there have always been plans. Does the term "Garden Plot" sound familiar? I used to be in this business, this isn't really out of the ordinary. But it is reflective of both our increased societal and economic vulnerabilities and the markedly different nature of the threat.


 I was of the opinion that the people saying that Bush was going to stop the 2008 election were simply paranoid. I am of teh same opinion of teh few I've heard say the same about the Obamunist. The founders gave the running of elections to teh state for two reasons. First was the fact the FedGov was a creation of the states and was to handle just a few things, such as foreign relations, war, and interstate commerce. FedGov would never have the people needed to conduct elections, and most elections were for state level and below anyway. Second was to prevent anyone on the Fed level from being able to take over the elections. FedGov was to be kept weak enough to be unable to close elections by simple decree.

One that does concern me, however, is the Obummer's call for a civilian force just as powerful and well funded as the military. Most people are so historically inept they don't realize he's calling for a Gestapo which would have the ability to shut down elections by simple decree. We aren't there yet, but there are people on the left who would love to be able to do just that.

You raise a very fine and powerful Constitutional point about the States' right on woting issues.

 About your "Gestapo" comment, the Gestapo was actually established by German Law. The real issue was the misuse of a legal authority by a STD crazed dictator and their Court System. In this Country, we have a Document, The US Constitution, which is supposed to be the basis for our Nation's actions. The question becomes, have we met the "Standard"?  Even when the laws were relaxed, we still failed to meet the "Standard"? There are always reasons for the restrictions  on the Powers of Government in Total. How much have we heard about "No-Knocks" and "Warrantless Wiretaps"? But more importantly, how much have we not heard about? The US Constitution is a document of both, war and peace.

The important thing to walk away from this discussion with, is this.  After  WWW 2, what happened to many, but not all, of the Gestapo? They were taken to the center of the Third Reich, Nuremberg for trials. There were actually 2 separate sections, the First had 2 sections under it, both Military and Civilian. The Second section was dedicated to "Human Experimentation". The subject must freely give informed consent in writing, without any threat or coercion. This is called, "The Nuremberg Code" and is found in US Law, Every CONUS State and US Military operating within CONUS or OCONUS.

For the Gestapo, it meant they spent the rest of their lives in prison or were executed.
 I'm not sure what you are getting at Grumpy. The Gestapo was part of the Nazi system. While it is true that it was established by law, it was established by the Nazis as a secret police. Theoretically, teh german Republic was Federal in form, but it had significant centralization that did not exist in the US FedGov system. Having said that, I can't remember if the German states controlled elections or not (and that's assuming I ever knew, and I can't remember that). However, the Reichstag ended elections (it was Nazi controlled) and the gestapo made sure they were shut down. There may have still been elections for minor offices, bit I don't recall any.

Frankly, I think the Obamunist really would like a Gestapo of some form. At present, he does not have the forces he would need to rule by decree. Some form of Gestapo/NKVD would be needed to do it, and in essence, that is what he is calling for in his powerful civilian force that's as well funded as the military.
 QM, Every Administration tries to take more power than prescribed by the US Constitution. But the important thing you correctly state is this, elections are state issues. The FedGov has no say in any branch. There is no comparative with the Gestapo, on any level.
My main concern was not so much that it exists, but that the current resident in the white house is probably the most likely candidate to try to suspend the constitution and make use of it.  And there are a lot of people concerned about that eventuality at this point.  The man is totally amoral and thinks he is a genius.  If he thinks he can get away with it he will try.  Look at his previous attempts to make us a socialist third world shithole...