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Banning Crosses, But With Pride

Pokety - Poke - Poke. Thus goes the irreverent finger of the Left upon The Military.

Call me old-fashioned, but back in my days, the surrender flag came in only one color - WHITE.

Full rundown over at the Freepers: HERE.



Muslum's stone gays to death. I guess they just haven't got the memo on what that flag symbolizes.
It's not a surrender flag BOQ and the left didn't put it there.  But Fishmugger is right.  They must have no idea.
It is a great aiming point!
Argent, my brother, three words: Frankfurt School of Marxism.

The subject is a bit dense to fully go through in these coment lines, but I'll give it a crack.  The FSM are close cousins to Fabian Socialists, and more distantly related to the American Progressives of the early 1900's.  They came together right after WWI, when to their consternation, they saw the Bolchevik revolutions in Italy, Germany, and France fizzle-out.  They determined that in the Western World, Communism will never be brought in by classical Marxist Economic Dialectic.  Only a slow Social Dialectic will; i.e. undermining social institutions, changing social mores, destroying the family, agitating minorities and gender groups, etc.

The beauty of this, is that once unleashed, the particular subdivided groups agitating for change do not particularly have to know that they are working for their FSM goals.  In other words they do not have to be aware that they are advancing Frankfurt Marxist goals, when they push for (i.e aboriginal self-awareness, smacking the boy scouts, etc).  But advance their goals they do.

Thus opposition to the FSM goals are much harder to confront and resist. Classical Bolchevism, presented a unified bugaboo to confront and defeat.  An amorphous ever-changing crypto FSM movement has up-to-now been impossible to confront.

Read up on Herbert Marcuse, Richard Wilheim, et al who came to Columbia University in 1932, and inoculated their brand of Socialism into American Progressivism.

I know that we do see this through a different prism; but this is where I stand, and why.
Well that explains a few things.  I was totally unaware of this conspiracy theory until now.

Yes our perspectives are different.  You have helped me to appreciate that.