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A Whatziss, Bonehead Edition

Myself having suffered a recto-cranial infarct, Og wins in a waaaay too easy Whatziss.

This *would* have been your next clue:

Followed by this:

And concluding with this:

The M149A1 Sub Caliber Device for the M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle.  This one manufactured in 1986.  More to follow, at some point.  Anyone got a demilled 90mm laying around?


Check behind the credenza.
Take the cannoli, leave the M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle...
No 90mm. Just a 105mm howitzer with shipping tube and intact primer :)
No 90mm Just a 105 howitzer with shipping tube and intact primer ;)
 Jason - I've got that, too.  But I'd rather have the *gun*.  Just like, I *have* the 90mm subcal device, I want the *gun*!
it was still an awesomely good whatsis. You're just not as cruel as you should be.

Do you have a manual for that device? It would be cool to see the "How it works" portion of it.
Yep it was far too easy if even I got it.  John just had a brainfart moment.  If google ever recognises shapes and pictures the fun will be gone.

"Anyone got a demilled 90mm laying around?"

Just a sec lemme check my pockets.

Could that be repourposed as a moose call?