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A Whatziss!

 You may commence.

So, whatziss?


If the background is supposed to be a clue, it's either a Cav dohickey, or a Polish one...
How about a side view?
it looks like a mussle brake for a small cannon.
 Muzzle flash suppressor.
Sorry John - not yet.  Everybody works with this view for a while.  Then you'll get another one.
Let's see what we have to work with...

Appears to be sitting on a table up against a wall - shadows suggest that the white is a wall, the texture of the red says ripstop tarp so the combo says the tarp is folded over the edge of the table and therefore up against a wall.

The major squares of the ripstop are usually about 1" which would make the item around 3" in diameter.

So, a tube with a four hole ring around it.  The ring is about 3" in diameter and some distance below the end of the tube.  Holes are dark so it's more likely the cylinder is 3" and has a 2" OD projection pointed toward us.  Holes could be for mounting the item to something else or could be vents.  Can't see if they're threaded but they seem awfully close to the projection to get a bolt into, unless whatever the projection fits into either gets smaller or is flat.

Alright then, we're looking down onto a tube that plugs into something else and is held in place by four bolts.  The far end appears to be flat, since it's standing but may not be - it is up against the wall.

Muffler / suppressor?
It's polished metal, not 'olive-drab'.
It's not a lance butt-spike.

DShK flash hider
antenna head space into which you screw the various spar-like elements (completely forgetting what them puppies are called)??
I'm with cannonball:  I thnk it's a head for a rammer staff
Looks like the business end of a flamethrower, maybe, but I can't be sure without the cat hair for perspective.
Lets get weird. It's the dohickey that the parade horse hair plume fits on for a picklehaube helmet.
It's a little tricky without a cat hair for scale, but the back end of a gyrojet round comes to mind.
JM - 'OD' for Outside Diameter