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A Whatziss...

 I think I know what it is - but there is a dearth of info about this specific instance/variety of this item...  as you dig into it, you'll see what I mean.


Well I'm not convinced they're milk bottles.  My guess is it launches gas.
Wow, a two barrel recless spotting rifle? Or a kreuzschlitzschraubenzieher.  The Brit variety.
a double-barreled northover projector? I've heard of single-barreled ones, but not a double. and those "milk bottles" definitely look like the ammo used for those..
Sure looks like a Northover projector, although I never heard of one until now.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  And brave men willing to be prepared to fight the enemy with inadequate gear against very bad odds.
Bottles look more like the binaries for a carbide cannon that the northover's black powder propellent.
From what I read today about the Northover's "interesting" failures, I could believe the distance from the ordance to the crowd of observers/trainees?
Ordnance.  Good lord.  Spell check on aisle three.
Bates Bottle Launcher?  Definately an Home Guard "OMG, they're comin' over the parapets!" Home Guard weapon.

No, wait! According to Hogg, the Bates thing had more barrels than that. Three, I think.

Thank you, sir for giving us an intellectual puzzle to distract us from how we feel about The Captain, and his gone-ness.

Can't be all that dangerous, Mark, that's an officer on the right.

Photo op rikkochet.  Officer runs for the hills when it's actually fired.
He's a Major.  Majors are made of Iron.
Since the carriage is from a shortened automobile front axel, with the steering arms bent and welded to the axel it would leads me to believe that maybe the whole thing might be a "homemade and handy" conglomeration of parts and pieces. 

Captioned............"Sgt Snuffy shows the Major what the boys did with a couple of those Northover things".......?
 John, you ever read Anthony herbert's "Soldier?" They didn't seem to have high opinions of Majors in the173rd. I seem to remember a bit of haggling over the price of a Major. It's been awhile since I read it, but seem to remember a high price of around 3 cases of C-rats. That was late 60s, so the price might have risen to 6-7 cases of MREs to allow for inflation.
Now there's a very interesting bit of military history trivia that
I had never run across. Thanks for posting it. One of the things
I like about this site, is that there's always something to learn.
so, do we get a "yay" or "nay" or are there more clues? maybe you should do more of the various "home guard" weapons? some of them were pretty strange.