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Let us have a Whatziss this President's Day!

What is this a component of? whatziss15.jpg


New HHS mandate, actualized...and they're gonna be FREE!

The Catholic version has spikes on the end... 
I am udderly confused.
It's a cover for something (not a power takeoff shaft, I'm pretty sure)? 
 CCO is correct.  It *is* a cover, and it is *not* for a PTO.  Nor is it the cover to the horn on a naval mine.

Ground-forces oriented, although it was also used by the AAF and AF.  That should give you an era, I should think!

has to be some kind of cover for an adjustment knob or vernier, of some kind, I imagine. Good whatsis.
I do believe that is an antenna cover for a BC-611 Rafio, aka the Handi-Talky.
Hey where did my comment go? or am I older than 1:19 PM?
Mil-spec prostate warmer recently purchased from DRMO.
The braided thingy to the right is a good old fashioned blousing rubber (vice rubber bands, etc)  For scale ideas that should make our projectile about 4-6 inches tall and maybe an inch in diameter.  (Photographed on a low  pile carpet)
 Dunno, Heltau - I went and poked around in back there was nothing in the pending or spam folders.
Collimator infinity cover? Wild, wild guess.

yellow cake uranium, with a handy 2 tablespoon scoop...
 I seem to remember one of those hanging off something in a junk pile many, many moons ago, but just can't place it for the life of me. Of course, being in a junk pile doesn't mean it was attached to what it was intended to be attached to, and remembering something dating to when I was 5 or 6 is somewhat unreliable as well.

I think I saw something like it on an old weapons oil bottle. It covered the pointy spout so it wouldn't get damaged.

I am guessing it is a lubricating oil measure for aircraft engines. Perhaps some used a set amount of oil or lubricant and this beasty was the standard measure for the fluid. Pour the fluid into this, then pour it into the engine. The measure would then be used to cap the open lubricant or oil container, Just guessing. At least one Army tank used an aircraft engine back then and the Army used to have aircraft back prior to the Air Force. Allison engines, I recall. This guess is "Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer" and the music title is intentional.