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How's that "shared sacrifice" supposed to work, again?

Oh, yeah -- now I remember.

The troops (and vets) and their families get to pay more for "health care" so that the dirtbags at Gitmo can get another $750,000 soccer field...


It's a Bizarro World, for sure.
 Two words:

"land mines"

(kinda goes with my "full Roman" philosophy...)
Moojie: *BOOM!*

Gitmo staff (in unison): "SCOOOOOOORE!" 
 The military has always been an easy target. That's part of the reason why the GAR waved the bloody shirt, along with American legion and the VFW. FedGov's word is worthless and you have to fight them at every turn or they will screw you.

How's life with all teh excirement over in the AFG, Bill?
Enemies, domestic?

Unquestionably serial liars at best.  "Free health care for life"  has been declared to not mean what it plainly says, and now they are just ratchetting up the bost to rhe recipients one step at a time.   The old frog in the pot trick..
The Gadsen flag patch -- subdued colors, natch -- has suddenly become a very popular IBA accessory with the troops.
It's actually kinda business-as-usual over here, QM. The attitude among the Afghans I mingle with is "It's the usual gang of idiots who riot at the drop of a hat."
Serial liars, indeed.

"If you like the health care plan you have now, you get to keep it."

To accomplish this spending reduction, service members should expect a 30% to 78% increase in Tricare annual premiums for the first year. In five years, service members will expect an increase ranging from 94% to 345%.

Yeah -- we can keep the health care plan, but not the price of it.

*off to purchace a Gadsen flag patch at the tailor shop*
So Tricare will be tri times the price and without much care.
Under the original version of ObieCare, Tricare went away and everyone got rolled into Medicaid. That may have been amended since 2010, and this looks like a typical TROTUS end run around around Congress.

It'll be interesting to see if Obie buries all WH notes, memoranda, records, and e-mails in the same hole his collegiate transcripts and medical records are in if he's booted come November...
They are already starting to plan the library, Mr. DeBille.  They can't decide whether they want to enshrine the Greek columns in Hawaii or Illinios, but I have a pretty good idea of what won't be there.
Bill, I was curious about that. It seems every pic I see about such things included the same morons among the Pak rioters. Rioters seem to be teh same the world over. Just OWS writ large.

Glad it's having little effect for you.
Pak rioters are a bit different. They all just stand around until the cameras show up, then they start throwing fits. As soon as the cameras disappear, most of them go home. The dimwits who riot in Afghanistan work themselves into a frenzy *before* the cameras show up and continue to trash everything in sight, until well after the cameras are gone.

One of the Afghani Majors opines it's the same syndrome as the "Occupy" crowds, except US cops are generally better at fragmenting crowds to keep them from getting too far out of hand.
It's a genuine dilemma for news crews. Do you ignore the riots, thus "blacking out" news; or do you show up and, by your presence, encourage the news to take on a life of its own? 
Gadsen Flag, UnkaBill?

I love me some Mr. Pinchy Flag