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Caption Contest (When Tricare Fails Edition)

When Tricare Fails...

(it embiggenates, you know)
Corpse Men Gather.



"She's dead, Jim."
Greaaaaat! The Coast Guard gets stuck with providing health care to the country along with everything else they do. Oh, and, NO BUDGET FOR YOU!
 Checking the medicine chest was futile. The QM was niggardly with supplies.

And I thought this was Tailhook 2012.
Looks like she stubbed her toe! But, I'll have to do a series of chest palpatations to be sure.
It can't be serious...they're not even treating for shock.

I hope the guy with the orange watch is not in charge. If she was smart, he would be the only one she should allow to touch her.
I have a thought on this, but I'm likely to get slapped for it.

J.M. I deal only in charts. If you ran low on your stuff that was the Store Keeper's fault, not mine.

"Hey, she's a looker....if we hurry, we can all screw her before she gets cold!"
Buuuuuuwaaaaaahahahahahaha! (*ducks and dives for cover*)