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Caption Contest (Kiddie Street Edition)

Wait until Oscar invites them to his pad.



Marine: "I don't care what Mike Mullen told you, Elmo.  Try ticking me and I will crack your head like a soft-boiled egg!" 
 URR, I'm sure you noticed he's interacting with the Blueberry. I'm sure he knows which one if the most PC of teh bunch.

That blue cammo working uniform looks absurd.
Wowzers!  A full display of the cutting edge of current military fashion.
"That blue cammo working uniform looks absurd."

That's so no one can see them when they're in the water. 
Why does the Army always get to have "The Rump" view?  Maybe it's so that they can be ready to kick some.
DL, that's exactly what some think they wanted.
Sadly, QM, that surprises me not.
Saves a lot of turnaround time for the ship: "MAN OVERBOA-- oh, never mind..."
You'll notice that the Coast Guard is the only service that's off working someplace...
Yeah, Elmo is talking to the sailor. 

"What the hell kind of ugly outfit is that?"