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Are you smarter than a college professor?

According to this test -- from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute -- yes, I am. There were no questions on it that I didn't either learn in high school or in discussions with my profs in collitch.

And I maxed the test. The blurb on the ISI's site states that:

The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%.

...which is a pretty damning indictment of the progressive emphasis on self-esteem and ethnic and/or gender studies in the American "educational" system.

And -- despite their self-assigned position as the possessors of superior intellect and knowledge -- the political class falls flat on its face in comparison with the average citizen.

But then, pretty much everyone who hangs around here already had that figured out...


96% - That the political and acadamia classes average so low is almost... terrifying.
ha 82% not bad for a non -American.  Bit disturbing the pollies did so poorly given many of the questions are quite government focused.
96.97 percent. I could have gotten 100 but I chose incorrectly on what the stimulus the government used most often. I guessed increasing both taxes and spending. On the other questions I wasn't guessing, it seemed to me to be a pretty straightforward test of knowledge. The fact the college educators did so poorly scares me. What are they teaching the kids these days, nothing? I think it would be interesting to see what kind of scores the average military person gets - I would guess pretty high.
90% from someone who considered it a minor coup when my Western Civ prof stopped his lecture in class to acknowledge my presence as "a nice change".
Apparently my belief that having to take his class was just an exercise in box-checking for my degree has been validated.
Bit disturbing the pollies did so poorly...

Even more disturbing is that an Ozzie -- albeit one who spends much time poking around and reading about such things -- outscored the average US denizen.

Castle Argghhh: attracting above-average thinkers, globally...

Shamefully low 93.94% here.
I wuld favor bringing back literacy tests and poll taxes to be eligible to vote, but that's just me.
Dunno about literacy tests, but Common Sense tests would surely be in order...
I'm with Bill - 100%.  And I've got the screen shot to prove it.
I'm with John (NTA), 93.94. I flunked business and got caught in the wording on slavery and state's rights. I guess that my question would have to be... Where did they find the people to take the test?
I'm ashamed - remedial classes for me.  I scored a mere 90%
Heh! :-)
Even though its been 50 years since High School - ONE wrong damn it....that Plato question. I should have asked him when I had the chance.
just finnished the quiz:

You answered 33 out of 33 correctly — 100.00 %

If you have any comments or questions about the quiz, please email

You can consult the following table to see how citizens and elected officials scored on each question.

/insert tongue in cheek/ I gradieated hi skoool in '75, dooded a bit if comunity collage in 96 after i retired froom da ARMY, stoped after a crappy experanice with a "personal comunications" teacher. /remove tongue/

Heh, High-School eddycaytud hick got a 93.94%-only missed two. So, wtf about our so-called "betters"? When the rulers are more ignorant than the ruled, the seed of revolution will germinate.
32 out of 33, misread one Argghhh!
Well, I got just over 72% and I am not even an American.
Well, I got just over 72% and I am not even an American.

Which just goes to support Bills assertion...

Castle Argghhh: attracting above-average thinkers, globally...

Another 100% here.  Mostly no-brainers, with a few constrained guesses (i.e.: I didn't know the right answer, but I knew two or three wrong ones, which narrowed the field somewhat - if I can identify a, b, and d as wrong, c seems a safe guess).
The average scores on some of those questions are alarming.  Especially the averages that are below 25%: that takes de-education!
...Wait, I thought we were supposed to be the ignorant ones...?

100%. Like DL Sly, I took a Western Civ class (requirement) and it ended up most of the time a dialog between myself and the prof.  The was one other guy who answered a lot of questions, and participated; he was an Army sergeant. The make 'em so young, now.

Favorite comment from the prof was during his narration about setting Germany's post-WW2 boundaries, and I asked about the West Neisse vs. East Neisse River. He stopped, smiled, and said that would be a great question for a graduate seminar. :)


This is something I will bring up the next time anyone suggests lead causes brain damage.
Yawn, another 100% here from a hils educated Redneck no less!  I tend to think this points straight at our modern education system or at the inability of your average DemProg to think rationaly!
 88%, not bad for a Canadian who has learned everything he knows about US history by reading blogs by members of the 'vast right-wing conspiracy' and whose post-secondary school education was in aircraft maintenance. 

 I finally got the time to take the test. Missed the last one because I have too much tendency to click the first reasonable sounding answer.
I would just lurve to see QM's answer sheet from a test about the Civil War War of Northern Agression... :)

Um, OldDog? The breakdown between self-described liberal & conservative, as well as Republican & Democrat, was so close as to be meaningless.

What really bugged me was what Bill pointed out above: even frickin' college professors flunked overall. Sheesh.
He stopped, smiled, and said that would be a great question for a graduate seminar.

We covered the German post-WWII boundaries in my senior year of *high school*. Of course, that was in '64, before the "progressives" had managed to throw the education system into reverse.

1964, wiseacre...

I have a theory about *why* our edumacation system took such a sudden nose-dive when it did. Might make a nice post for the weekend...
Wouldn't mind hearing that Bill. My parents had two exchange students and we knew others. I choose to say nothing for now as I liked one of them.

I also remember the English experiment of year 10 in the heyday of brilliant ideas in schooling. Spelling didn't matter, it was about expression. They gave us a big list of 100s of requirements to get ticked off by the teachers for the year. Dire threats on not completing list or you fail but only on getting the list. The teacher was to sit there and wait for things to mark and tick them off. They did nothing else. Bored silly I suppose, I think ours read most of the time. List had no detailed information on what was wanted. Just the titles. No, covering material, lecturing, chalking, babysitting, help or pressure.

The end of the year was amusing. I topped marks for reading more than 3 books. Over half of the students did nothing at all. No one failed. Fascinating.

Fixed by the next year, right in time for Shakey. Oh God I can still hear the quote buzzing in my brainbox.
Casey, I'm quite capable of regurgitating the conformist answers. it takes no brains to do that. Now to get into N.P Chipman's apology for himself in the judicial murder of Henry Wirz and see he's lying through his teeth takes a bit more. The raw data from the Blue Bellies themselves is pretty damning.

FRankly, the prime blame for the war, however, has to be laid on the CSA cabinet for not listening to Robert Toombs and then falling square into Lincoln's trap over Ft. Sumter. The rest of teh stuff is just norther apologies for conquering a terriroty that no longer wanted to be a part of the despotism Lincoln's handlers had managed to establish. LIncoln was just a tool.
93.94%, and I'm drunk, and I think my mouse is, too, from the way it's acting. I should never have tried to take it apart to clean it, it seems.
Rats! Missed one. I didn't read the question carefully enough.
1964 HS grad as well

Missed 3. Never did learn to RTFQ it seems.
Oh, yeah, Qm! Lincoln maneuvered them, counting on their South Carolinian hot-headedness (alas! I know it well!) into "firing on bread."  (Lincoln's own words)
Dang!!  Missed one - I forgot the exact subject of the Lincoln-Douglas debate.  Pretty scary since I was mostly a 'C' student thru Jr High and High school.
 32/33, blew the last one. High school was 42 years ago for me.

I think I slept through civics back then, so I'd be more awake for the science classes. Never knew when the teacher might decide to demonstrate energetic exothermic reactions, after all.

(And *college* educators average 55% on this test?!!!)
 JTG, the final decision belonged to Jeff Davis, who was from Mississippi and was not noted to be a hot head. Bade decisions generally lead to bad conclusions, unless you are lucky. CSA was not.
100%. I'm not sure how that happened. I must have been channeling my inner Civic Literate.

I grew up in California, where - I am happy to report - I got a great basic foundation in the history of Western Civ. I also got a solid grounding in the California Gold Rush, Sutter's Fort, and the travails of the ill fated Donner Party. I think we spent a couple days on the War Between the States, which was boiled down to, Union = Good; Confederacy = Evil. I learned quite a lot about our Civil War, though, when I spent much of my junior year in.... Dublin, Ireland. 
"I grew up in California, where [snip] I got a great basic foundation in the history of Western Civ."

Wow.  You are old
No wonder you and Mr. DeBille can relate to so much.....
*skipping away...ever so carefree*
Huh? What do you mean, I'm odd?

Wait... is that what you wrote...? I can't seem to find my glasses... they must be Roman again... 

That was back in the day when Californians were considered highly-educated if they spoke Spanish *in addition* to English...

Psssst.... Buill...Bill... you forgot your glasses.... 
Thanks. Must've left them in my helmet bag, again -- I thought the brownies had swiped them...
*skipping away...ever so carefree*

Aerial delivery of a crate of "n"s for DL Sly.

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