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Another day in the life of Stewart, Housegoat of Argghhh!

Am I not about just the cutest thing you've ever seen you didn't want to have sex with? And if you do want to... keep reading and note Buffy!

lookit-dem-teefs.jpg Anyway, what's all that commotion in the yard? It looks like Tom is having a hissy fit!

Tom's hissy fit!

Meh. It looks like he's shooing Jerry and Daisy away!  Even Kiki's not sure what's up...

Hey!  Here comes Gunner!

It looks like Gunner and Buffy are gonna rumble, with Kiki as a referee!

Take a good look - Buffy the Coyote Slayer is my guardian. And she takes her job seriously. You *don't* want to see this face with a curled lip...

Don't roll your eyes at the Armorer, either. He put up gun and milbloggy stuff today!


 Buffy does look a bit intense there.