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All That For A Flag?

Found in my email box from reader Dave F: My VFW post (Post 549 in Tucson, AZ) did a flag retirement ceremony with the cub scouts yesterday. I really like the little guy with the WWII vet, but missed the salute. Got the other little guy with the Vietnam vet though :)

Perhaps if Boquisucio's favorite prominent Democrat had ever had some serious skin in the game, she might understand better.  These guys do.

PS: The blog owner loves it when readers provide content... 8^D


All that and more.  My oath was to the Constitution, an idea, not an individual or a government.  That oath is still valid.

I will not submit.  I will not run.  I aim to misbehave.
Majors are not allowed to misbehave without the supervision of a senior NCO.  When do we start, Sir?
Seeing as how I was a senior NCO before I was a Major how does it work for me?  (Whoa Nellie, it's that  mustang in me.)
I remember doing the flag at cub scouts.  I don't think I can recall the precise steps anymore.
Yes Michelle, for from young Cubs, mighty Bears follow.
Thanks - Dave F