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Warning... objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

[This pic embiggens]
A U.S. Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter prepares to depart Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, Jan. 7, 2012. The Apache conducts distributed operations, precision strikes against relocatable targets, and provides armed reconnaissance when required in day, night, obscured battlefield and adverse weather conditions. US DoD photo.

I shoulda redone the pic so it would be like this... oh, wait - I did!


 I really, really like clicking on a picture so that I can go straight to:  "This is a NO Debbie Schlussel Zone."
... Thank you.

John, back in 2002, I was in the process of a rehab of the house. Yeah, I had a real attitude. I wrote out all of the specefications. But for the specifications and contracts were signed and all put into a booklet. On the cover was an image similar to the one above. It actually was a driver looking out his side window on the road to Kabul. The image you see is similiar to the one above. As the contractors look at the image, loud mouthy tradesman get spooky quiet. From the image on the cover, the choppers are about 20' off the ground, if that. Vets would visit during the whole process. Then, there was the coup de grace, Doc came by a Huey and landed on the property, he checked the rehab, in detail. But before he landed, the tradesman paniced, because they had no context. One old veteran, who was also a tradesman, just broke down and  laughed. The old Doc and this old Vet talk with each other, Doc said, "He's a rotten SOB." The both agreed and laughed, to be honest, I agree.