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This one is for Academic Ronin...

Since he opined that I missed a lot of other forms of smaller explosive-tossing paraphernalia last week.
[This pic embiggenates - but is over 1mb]

I feel compelled to note - all explosive items are inerted, i.e., they are no longer energetic except as Newton's laws apply. And everything in the picture is legal where I live. Your mileage may vary, don't assume your local standards apply here where I live.


Newton's Law? We needed a law for that? I thought it happened naturally. Just another example of creeping socialism.
Gravity.  A law we can live with.
WOW!  All sorts of kewl toyz there!

Not sure why a dusty keyboard is on the shelf, but maybe it is some sort of James Bond thing.

I like the THREE (count 'em- THREE!) PIAT bombs.  Those are really hard to find.
The keyboard is retired, but held in reserve in case the in-service one fails.  That last pic is the workbench.  The rest are in the Arms Room.
That "dusty keyboard" as John (NtA) calls it MUST be an intermediate prototype of the legendary "nuclear football" *cough - cough* thus it is entirely appropriate in the Castle's collection. 

Shhhh David.  They don't know it's missing.
The Reichsrevolver/Webley (Enfield?) display in the second pic could use a bit of organizing, methinks...
Many thanks. You have an enviable collection. Also, good call on the name.
 If you ever wanted to give one of the BATFags a heart attack, that would be teh place to take them. Hopefully, you would record such an event for our entertainment.

Something *always* needs organzing in there, Neffi.  I putter about quite a bit, the place is always a work in progress.

Heh, QM.  I don't like to tempt fate like that.  I have a nice book for them should they visit that shows the evidence of inert status for everything, lest they feel the need to just blow the house in place.

I really don't mind LEOs doing their jobs within the bounds of the law and constitution.  I was one once, and you can make the argument military personnel are, too, given statutory authorities, but they don't like that formulation.

 But there's no real reason to poke them in the eye just because you can.  Getting a judge or jury to agree they overstepped their bounds after they blew everything up is small comfort when you can pre-empt the blowing up of things in the first place.
Hey ... there is that thingie you showed before! I recognize it. Can't name it .. but I do recognize it.
 I figgered you were OK with all the stuff, just contemplating the reaction of soem of those idiots who are of teh "ready, fire, aim" school. There is one poor sucker from WA State who got pranged by a BATFag who intentional mishandled the guy's AR-15 to cause it to slam fire and arrested him for having an unregistered auto weapon. He was tried by a Carter Appointee judge who was utterly ignorant on firearms, and a prosecutor that just wanted a notch in his gun. It's been better than 15 years since I read about him, so I don't know if he's still in stir or not.

I have little use for the BATF. They hated the NRA, and GOA (probably still do) and would not eat at a Roy Roger's Roast Beef ristorante. I had my tongue in cheek thinking of the reaction of one of the many idiots they employ. I've been told no other Fed Agency wants an ATF alum.
No TOW tube, eh?
Someone needs a TOW tube?... how many?
 I figure why get a TOW tube unless I've got the tripod?  If I've got a tube and tripod... then where am I gonna get a *sight*?

Apparently J(NTA) has some TOW tubes taking up space in his goods store...
You don't need the tripod -- it mounts perfectly well on either of the TMLs on the outboard end of an AH-1F's stub wing. Of course, you'll probably mumble some ridiculous excuse such as not having enough space in the basement to squeeze a Cobra in...

Dude, you deliver a Cobra, I'll make space.  The barn would take it, no problem.

I almost scored an entire Mi-17 cockpit in December, but couldn't figure how to disassemble it into parts small enough for shipping. And even the antitorque pedals are heavy...
Actually, John, having a TOW tripod wouldn't do you any good without the traversing unit, since EVERYTHING connects to the traversing unit:  The launch tube, the tripod, the sight, the missile guidance set;  they ALL connect to the t-unit.

On another note, you may have answered this in connection with a previous post, but what kind of spigot mortar is that sitting on your workbench in that last image?
Tripods? Mount-thingies? What are you guys talking about? *My* TOW tubes stand perfectly nicely on end atop their roundy-parts, thank you. And they look very nice in the living room.
At least you haven't turned them into planters, yet...
*gasp*  Perish the thought! That's what the ammo cans are for. Except for the one on the dining room table. That's for cut flowers. Or their stand-ins. 
Ick.  Ick-ick-ick-ick.

A little shop of horrors, that.
Hah. You're just steamed because *my* cool weaponish stuff isn't relegated to a special room in the basement. It's right there in the living room, dining room, kitchen, entry way...

Oh, mwahahaha..... 
You don't have cats, and I'm told a wooden stock makes a perfectly acceptable scratching post...
What? Frogs do that, too? But it would slime up the AK *or facsimile thereof*