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Some days, it's just not worth it.

You know it's going to be a tough day when you get up and feed the brats, er, cats at 5:00AM, go back to bed, wake up to face the day and your wife asks you why you fed the cats dog food...

Screw 'em.

They shouldn't wake me up at 5AM griping about food. Warning to the rest of you... that's how I'm rolling this week.


John: Did they eat the dog food? If they did, then you accomplished what you got up at 0500 hours to do.

If not...after a few more days of dog food they'll learn to like it. Just like the ol' chow hall.
If I start feeding the cats dog food, the veterinarians of my account will call me bad names.
You get to go back to bed?!
Lucky dog.
I have found the answer to cats bothering me while I am in the prone position is a good squirt bottle.  One with a good 15 foot range.  A touch of H2O and the cat won't be back for a while.  After they are trained you just have to reach out of bed and rattle the bottle to witness cat fur moving at mach 2 to get out of the room.
Yeah, teh kittehs do require higher-quality food than teh doggihs. Kittehs are like two-stroke motorcycles, in a way; they run a lot of fuel through there and burn some of it.  This is why, if you have doggihs, you don't have to clean out the sandbox so often. There is enough nutrition there left in the cat poo that a lot of dogs are happy to gobble it right up. Why, I mind an English Setter I used to know who was on the kitteh-poo before it even cooled!
We have a dog who treats the cats as Pez dispensers...
Candy comes out of your cat's neck?
 Just don't feed the Dogs Kitteh food. Some cat foods can blind them.
See John, this is why I feed my two kitty girls BEFORE going to bed.
{*munch munch munch*}
Dog food is fine with me, John! Whatever you say.
{*munch munch munch*}