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Shaking your head in disbelief department...

Romney is releasing his taxes... because he thinks *that's* why he lost in SC?


Good god, man, I hope you're paying your advisors in box tops. That's what they're worth. And, of course, such crap does nothing to make me like you any more than I already don't.

Stinky stinky stinky.

Heh. I want none.of.the.above. The entire presidential slate, from left to right, is like cable TV. 57 channels and nothing's on... only this cable system is all pay channels without HD!


Second that emotion.  Same ol,' same ol.'
Personally, I take comfort that none of them are pure as the driven snow like knights in shining armor, immensely popular and loved by all, come to save us from the Obama Monster.  That's how despots and tyrants are born.

As usual, we don't have a good choice.  Just the lesser of 2 evils.
While you make a good point, Frank, I'd like a little less clay in the feet, sometimes...
I'd have to admit that I wish there was at least one good conservative in the bunch.  LOL

"I'd have to admit that I wish there was at least one good conservative in the bunch."

I could go for that, too.

Just reading about Those People (as Lee used to put it) drives me to drink. (Yah, I know, that's not a drive, but a putt.)

All I can do is quote Jerry Pournelle again:

Weep for The Republic.

Despair is a sin.
A few years back (around 2000-2001) I wrote Jerry and told him that if it's reality, it isn't despair. I can't remember if he replied ot not. Back then his readership wasn't nearly as large as it is now and a number of of my emails made into the list. That one didn't, but it was just meant to needle him a bit.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Keep your eyes on the prize, y'all. Defeating Obama.

Neither Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or Paul kicked off their political fund raising efforts in the home of an unrepentant terrorist. None attended, for twenty years, a church whose pastor makes David Duke look like Marin Luther King.

If the GOP nominated a shyphilitic camel, i'd vote for the dromedary.

Shit, would ANY of you run for office in this day and age, given the living Hell you'd have to endure?

I'm sorry, but this holier-than-thou high dudgen about the inadequacies of our current field I find tiresome at best. We are fighting a man who detests everything the Founders cherished. Obama is the enemy of everything you fought for while on active duty. If you don't understand that by now, when he gets re-elected you deserve him.

Personally, I'll take whatever weapon is put in my hand to take that target out...even Ron Paul, bacause his craziest notions will be neutralized by a sentient Congress. You think things are bad now? Wait until Hussein Obama is a president UNFETTERED by the need to run for office a third time.

You have NO idea...

Jesus, people, get a grip.
Waaaaaaaaaaaah!  Dusty is being mean to me!

The only problem with your attitude, Dusty, is we get... Bob Dole, John McCain, etc. 
 We could give you back Elizabeth May.

Amen to what Panther said!

I too, miss a real conservative in the dwindling field, but any of the remaining will not destroy our country.  Obama will, if he does not succeed before January 21, 2013.

That said, the Dems are busy doing what they do best, registering voters, dead or alive, telling lies and preparing dirty tricks to stuff the ballot boxes, and ensure "their people" are the vote counters, just in case.

We cannot afford to let up in any way at all to get a win for whatever "R" is nominated, if we are to saver our country.  It is that serious.  Down ballot races for Senate, House, and state offices are just as important to be able to rip out Obamacare by the roots, and stop the spending. 

If entitlement spending is not curtailed sufficiently by the 2016 election, our country will be a failed, bankrupt kleptocracy with half the population happily living on the government welfare plantation while the other half are worked and taxed to death to support the non-producers.
 The half that tried to live off FedGov handouts will find themselves starving as the handouts will end if we go under. We may find ourselves fighting the Zombie Apocolypse, but the hoards will be looking for soemthing to eat somewhere other than from FedGov.
Unfortunately I don't think we actually have a "weapon" in the contingent. I think what we are going to see this election is Presidential Idol.

Unfortunately none of our contestants are singing a tune enough of us can get behind to push them passed the congolmerate driven boy band.
All this, and annoying comment spam too.
Oh, I don't know, JTG.  Pron spam seems appropro for a thread about politicians.
 Funny thing is the link is as dead as teh spam.

 To repeat, Amen to what Panther said, however, let me also throw in my 2 cents.  I blame both the RNC and the liberal media for the lack of real selection available.  I like some things about all the candidates, but mostly I will hold my nose to vote, but I will vote because anything is better than what we have in the Oval Office.  That said, my concentration is on the downstrem ballots, all the way down tot he local school boards because we have to change the mind set of this elected officials.  I think a part time Congress is a good idea, my second thought is to pay them a salary equal to a juror, give them a limited living allowance for quarters/staff/supplies (similar to what is paid in industry for temporary assignments away from home), and rotate them out every other election.

What ever anyone does is their business/choice, however, we must remember that whomever gets voted into the Oval Office, all these grand plans mentioned on the campaign still have to pass Congress - seriously, does nayone think Ron Paul's ideas are going to happen? 
What Panther 01 said.  However, the goal of this exercise is to rid ourselves of THE WON and as many of his Lib-Cong buddies we can.  Hell, I voted for Dole and McCain.  I certainly can vote for one of Republicans currently running.
Oh... and I never said I wasn't going to vote for whoever wins the nomination... but if I can't even gripe about the crap being offered up as candidates, remind me again why I swore the oath?

I don't remember the oath coming with an expiration date, and I take "enemies, foreign and domestic"  quite literally.  I don't like what we have been presented with as the best and the brightest, but I will, even if I have to drag my body to the polling place, vote against 'The One' and return this republic back to a truly representative government - or at least begin the process.

Yup.  No expiration date on my oath of enlistment or my commissioning oath.  Still in effect, still valid.  Just spent some range time this morning with the AR15.  This old broken-down 11Bravo still can shoot.

 Major, we may need our shooting skills before it's over. I hope not, but that's not the way to bet, alas.
Another thumbs up for Panther-quotes {g}, and I'm not that fussed about the selection. I still like Newt in many ways; at least he's a scrapper.

First, let me point out the bench is getting deeper, but the Tea Parties have only been around for a couple of years. Before that the Country Club/Establishment Republicans had pretty much taken over. Pournelle has reminisced more than once that the first thing Bush '41 did was get rid of as many Reaganites as quickly as possible. It's been downhil since then, but it's taken until recently for citizens to wake up and notice how long it's been since Reagan & Goldwater were around.

Quoting Pournelle yet again, he has pointed out more than once that Newt is quite correct; anyone on the GOP list would do better than Obama. He even seems to have a good opinion of Michelle Bachmann.

I find myself in agreement with Grumpy but I'll put it into my own words, so's I can add a bit here and there.

The RNC has been, and is now, led by what amounts to quislings. The leadership of the RNC still sees its collective self as a second class party beholding to the "centrists" or "independents" for any possibility of a victory. The RNC has also become a party of victory over principles. All that matters is the party initials after the office holder's name. What that person does do, does not do, votes for, votes against, etc and so on, means less than nothing. It's all about the party initials after the office holder's name.

If you look back over the last full generation, you can easily see a constant gain of ground by the cultural destructionists and their useful idiots. This is because the conservative side has zero clue how to fight. The conservative side allows itself to be put, immediately, on the defensive on any and every issue of importance. The only "tactice" the conservative side has allowed itself to fall back onto is that mythical "moral highground" defensive strategy.

The moral highground defensive strategy depends on the establishment of individual, non supporting and easily isolated positions which can, and always are, then over run one after the other in the "battle of ideas" phase and this has lead, nearly without exception, into defeat in detail.

It is because of this that we've seen the meaning of important legal words and phrases (especially regarding our Constitution) become skewed to the point of meaningless, economically predatory legislation, the preemenance of enemy propaganda in our own foreign policy descisions, so on and so forth, build up and spread with little functional resistance for all of living memory. This trend can only accelerate.

If you want to know the game plan the destructionists are using, just read the works of Antonio Gramsci. He laid it out and that has been the plan since the mid 50s.

To win back any real sustainable ground will take, at a minimum, refusing the twisted idiocy that has declaired teaching communism as the appropriate governance system to our children; honoring our oath in the most non metaphorical way every time a black robe blantantly stomps on Original Intent as established by a wealth of material left behind by our Founding Fathers expressly for the purpose of understanding Original Intent (or publicly questions the need for the existance of a Constitution to limit their ideological mechanations); take back the town and city leadership and the precincts that decide them, thereby taking back the same for state legislature and governance; and ending the blanket protections for those in the media who use their status as an ideological weapon.

The media issue is the toughest. The media was given, by tradition, wide latitude because of the need of a republic to have an informed populace. But too much of the media, now, has no interest in informing the public. Instead, it sees it's proper place as indoctrinating the public into a particular ideology, as well as limiting information to the public to safeguard their ideological leadership. Then there is flat out lieing. Making stuff up to fit its own narrative.

Censorship isn't the way to go. The only thing I can think of is to do unto them as they've made a long standing practice of doing unto others. Burn them out. Not with actual fire, but with the courts. When a media type lies, drag his/her arse into court. When a media type spins to cover for or support a member his or her favored political ideology, drag them into court. When a media type (looking at you Tim Mcgirk of Time) uses his/her position to blatantly spread enemy propaganda during a time of war, drag the bastard into court, and if possible, hang the intellectually inbred sack of crap in a most public execution for treason as defined in our Constitution.
 One guy over at The Other McCain wants to implement what he calls "Operation Whig." it would involve replacing the GOP with a conservative party and just let the RNC Quislings die on the vine as the Whigs did after the founding of the GOP.

One thing I think they will find, however, is that country is not the conservative country they think it is. The elctorate is now too degraded by the FedGov entitlement mess. Enough people realize we have a serious problem and that most programs need to be zeroed. That's all well and good, so long as you don't zero out my rice bowl. And that's the problem.
What Grimmy said.
fine comment, I'm adding a bookmark now! Cheers!