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Of course, if declaring victory were all that easy...

 Interestingly enough, my post yesterday about the Taliban declaring victory is an example of starting a post with one intent, and then having your inner demons hijack your typing fingers and take it in a different direction.

Doctrine Man, over on his Facebook Wall, today went where I was *actually intending* to go yesterday.  

[This pic embiggens]


On the flip side, we can dispute the declaration of victory, squander thousands of killed and maimed Americans, and more billions or trillions of dollars, and in x or xx years declare victory ourselves and leave a bunch of savage tribes to war amongst themeselves and enjoy the rewards of their Mohammeden religion as they kill each other and oppress women and Infidels.

The only difference in outcome will be the date, and the wastage of our blood and treasure.

Our international prestige and image is already shattered, so that makes no difference any more.

To save face, we can declare victory too, and tell Karzai and his corruprocrats to "have a nice day" as we wave good bye.  There is no nation for him to lead, and by rights it should devolve into their millenia old tribal culture.  Let our mutual "friend" the Paks worry about their own northern border instead of us policing it for them.

We won!  Let's go home!
 But John, your supply of Khyber Specials might dry up...
What happened?  We were winning when I left.
What happened?  We were winning when I left.
We won in 'Nam, too; but the libs in the press spun it to defeat and the Dems in congress refused to help the South after 1974.  Therefore Saigon fell in the spring of 1975.
That was pretty much what I was alluding to, Oldloadr.  Thanks for the assist!
I like the PT belt.  Doctrine man has clearly been there...