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 Even if you were in the Adjutant General or Finance Corps, chances are you have a memory of watching a sunset, weapon in hand.

U.S. Army Spc. Kimberly Nicholls mans her M240 Bravo machine gun during sunset while flying over Logar province, Afghanistan, Dec. 8, 2011. Nicholls is a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter crew chief assigned to Company B, 2-82 Task Force Corsair, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. Nicholls helps escort passengers from Forward Operating Base Salerno to Kabul International Airport. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Austin Berner

Of course, at certain times and places, if you were AG or Finance, chances are your magazine was empty (if you had one) and you were "manning" an M60 MG post near a TOC somewhere and your M60 was wrapped in plastic, as was possibly your rifle, and you were bitterly cursing a cruel fate that had you in the field, and not your nice comfy little office generating statistics and reports that would cause commanders grief... ;^ ) By contrast, Specialist Nicholls has probably run a few belts through her weapon, at live targets who were shooting back.


My (first) boss, the Division G5, when I was in Af-stan, had just come out of command of that battalion.  Had a bunch of pirate-themed knick knacks because of it.

And, in the spirit of correcting PAO photogs, that's an M240D, not a B.  Note the spade grips.
"Spc. Kimberly Nicholls mans her M240 Bravo (Delta) machine gun...." Hmmm...... hadn't thought of that one. Probably the next thing to fall in our world of political correctness.  Just sayin'.  ML
A little recursive nitpicking...  Heartless, that's an M-240H, the main givaway is the vortex flash suppressor, which is only found on the H.


UH-60 Crew Chief & Castle lurker....  :-)