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Going Commando On Taliban Spies

Radio Times, a British Multimedia Magazine, has done an (*er* how should I describe it?) exposé on a Royal Marines UXO unit in Afghanistan: The 42 Commandos.

It seems that during a group photo of the *er* unit, the presence of what Brits refer to as a Taliban Spy, became evident.  Some may say that it was either PVT Parts, SGT Dickers, or MAJ Woody making his rounds.

WARNING: NSFW Photo upon the clickage: HERE.



"Little Willy, Willy drives them wild with his run-around style Inside, outside Willy sends them silly with his star-shine shimmy shuffle smile. Mama done chase Willy down through the hall. But laugh, Willy laugh, he don't care at all. Hey down, stay down, stay down, down 'Cause little Willy, Willy won't go home. But you can't push Willy round willy won't go."

Stuff happens. I once took a picture of a lady who brought a couple of parrots to school to show the kids. In the background the teacher was picking her nose. That was the picture we published, and no one noticed the nose-picker until it was already printed.

I have to wonder though, if there is some consequence waiting for 'Pvt. Parts'.
Looks like a penis, only smaller.
It's in the nature of the human male to disrupt a group photo whenever possible.  Submitted in example:  1980, a small southeastern high school band photo, published in a fund-raising calendar.  Only after several hundred calendars had been sold was it discovered that 27 of 43 band members were displaying an extended middle digit.  A record that still stands in Teton County, no class has ever surpassed that mark. 
A "dicker" isn't a Taliban spy, he's the guy who shadows a unit and then notifies the IED triggerman (who's usually in defilade) when the unit is in the kill zone.

Dickers operating in the vicinity of the village of Iqarri are pretty inept, though. As I once said to our medic, as we watched IEDs go off 200 meters in front of our convoy, "That's some Iqarri dickery, Doc..."
Boq, I hate to be pedantic (No, I lie, I actually love it) , but that should be "Regimental", not "Commando."
Heh, I just clicked the pic.  Eat yer hearts out, Internet PUAs and Game schemers; Those guys would prolly make the (soaking wet) panties magically fly right off of the average woman.  Guys tend to admire, and wish to imitate, manly-looking confident guys, and gals tend to want to bear their babies.
P.s.  Now that I have looked again, I do see what appears to be a teeny weeny depending from one of the guys. The guy to his left is not displaying a silly grin as does the exhibitionist, but has arms crossed in a confident manly stance with a slight smile, implying that his magnificent Johnson is not for display to all and sundry, but only to those gals (and inevitably his comrades in the revolting exigencies of military service) who are capable of appreciating its true magnificence without fainting.
Mr. DeBille.............that was really baaaaddddd.

Hey -- if it had been *good*, I'd have shilled it to Breitbart...
 JTG, sometimes, boyo, you disturbingly overthink things...  ;^)

Bill, that was actually pretty good.  Almost made me reach for the gazetteer to see where Iqarri was...

Shhhh -- Jtg's still doing a gogle-search for it...
Now I know whence the phrase "going commando..."

There's one in every crowd.

And, when your crowd is composed of all Alpha Male Sheepdogs, with a bit more wolf in the mix than the usual pack, then the photog is lucky he only got such *minimal* exposure.
I don't care where Iqarri is.  "Wogs begin at Calais", you know. Oh, and John, someone around yer household has mentioned that you have good reason to display a confident manly stance with a slight smile, when that subject comes up.
Bill, I am not a doctor, but would like to try an hickory Daiquiri some time. 
John assumes a confident, manly stance whenever the subject of wogs comes up?

Ummmm. Okaaaaay...
 LIke I said elsewhere, he doesn't know when to quit, does he?
NTs:  Always picking on the Aspy. OK,  I know we're famous for "Just won't shut up."
Consider me shushed, if only on this subject.