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Emily Is Getting Her Gun

(Photo: Courtesy of The Washington Times)

Time for another installment on Emily's Saga in geting her District of Columbia Legal Handgun.  In her case, her own two-toned SigSauer P229. 

Funny to see that she got herself a diddle something much similar to what Santa has been wanting to bring me for a few years now

But, the question remains... Is she finally packing heat within her abode? Well, almost.   Article: HERE



A woman wise beyond her years.  Sig 229, good choice.
If she was that wise she wouldn't be living in DC.  I do salute her for making a point of going through the process, lost as it may be to the DC government.
C'mon, Pogue, cut the girl some slack.  Not everybody uses firearm law as their primary litmus test...   and she's tougher than we are - she's making 'em do it, neh?
Oh, I admire her - I finished high school and enlisted in Prince Georges county in Maryland, right on the SE border.  It just that Virginia is sooo close and sooo much more reasonable in sooo many ways...  :-)
She does need to unlock those elbows, tho...
Elbows?  Hadn't gotten that far.
Heh. I mind the time I helped the Semi-Sweety arm herself, with a nasty little S&W 442. 

It was very easy. We walked into the shop, there was some discussion, the filling out of the 4473, some money paid, and she walked out heeled.  Fortunately, that particular piece seems to be a natural point-shooter for her, as I cannot persuade her to exercise with it.
Emily is a true candidate for sainthood.

And, if as is very likely, this whole saga is being documented to build the case for "Emily Miller vs. District of Columbia" to throw out their entire pile of infringements, she should be made Pope as well!
Some teach locked elbows; give her a break.I hope she gets a bunch more training and keeps writing about it. It's  great that she's keeping her index finger off the bang switch.