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Danger Area Echo... and Alpha, Bravo, etc.

Danger Area Echo is the area in front of a gun.  It's a variable area, defined by the parameters of the gun system and position geometry.

It's a place you are *not* supposed to stand when the system is firing. 

Danger Area Bravo is the area to the flanks of the piece, where there is danger to personnel when the gun is operating.  The restrictions there vary based on the system.

It too is variable.  And, in the case of recoiless weapons, extends all the way around the back of the piece...  which really should be another whole danger area...   There's a reason weapons like bazookas, RPGs and recoiless rifles are "team" weapons.  One of the jobs of the assistant gunner, aside from being an ammo mule, is to load the weapon and to... check the backblast area, slap the gunner on the head and yell, "Clear!"

It's really an important job.  As Achmed the Possibly Dead Terrorist here finds out.  Oh, and note the exquisite gunnery skillz of Mehmet with his AK...

It's nice his friends are so concerned... but they shoulda been more concerned a little earlier.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between trained professionals and eager amateurs.  If Achmed survived this event, you'll be able to recognize him.  He'll be the one who is wearing hearing aids or signing...



Nothing say muslim brotherhood like when after you do a 10.0 faceplant, your excitable dancing boys drag you away face down. 
More than Achmed's headgear got peeled off (00:01 - 00:03). If he's still above ground, he should be recognizable as a reasonable facsimile of Robert McGee...
Ouch. Two people, neither of them paying any attention to what the other is doing. Eager amateurs indeed.
 *Ow-witch*, with friends like that you don't need enemies! BittT, are you and your group teaching them the little things about the proper use of a firearm? Doing it this way, they just kill themselves off and we don't get involved. Do ya think he'll ever get the ringing out of his ears? It just shook the screws a little looser. Just a suggestion, you don't ever say that, 'cause somebody will make sure you're screwed good and tight. BillT, take care of yourself 'Auld Timer'.
Correction: First line, "BittT" should be "BillT", Thank you 
If my guess is correct about their politico-religious orientation, I'd just as soon see them continue to learn from their mistakes.

And I hope they make them all -- several times.

Including continuing to squeeze the trigger as they jump back behind a wall for cover...
The fact that any of these buffoons stay alive long enough to breed makes me doubt Darwin's theory...maybe Intelligent Design involves a Cosmic Sense of Humor. Sure looks like it in this case. 
Video so nice I watched it twice. Where do these videos come from?

I mean if I were stupid enough to do something that retarded I think I would still have sense enough not to post it online. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the heck out of seeing it - but don't you have to be a whole lot of dumb to post your epic failures online for the world to see?
I love a good comedy with a happy ending ... MORE MORE
 Sometimes these videos are recovered from the personal effects of the deceased.
Funny, thy name is Islam