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..."because punching truthers in the face is patriotic."




Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways.
I'm not saying assaulting someone is a good thing to do.  But sometimes, it's the right thing to do.
 There is nothing wrong with ventura disagreeing with the war, but what he said about loses was not acceptable. He deserved to get it in the kisser.
Speakin' ill o' th' deed at a wake is cause for a ruckus, period. Much less for an MOH. Ventura needs to learn when to button his flap.
Jesse Ventura .. SEAL or poser.  Read it here ;;;
D-Bag is right. He (Jesse) got what he deserved,
I do love this story!
 Most early SEALs had been in UDT. Rotten Richard Marcincko is probably the best known of the bunch. My understanding is that the BUD/S and BUD/R courses operated in parallel for awhile. I don't know when BUD/R was terminated, but am guessing not too long before teh teams were combined in '83.

I've never had a high opinion of Ventura, although I respected him for completing the basic training for the teams. I don't like a man that calls himself something he is not, and Ventura seems to be that kind of man, and seemed so from the begiining of his short Political career. The Cursor article does not surprise me in the least.