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Australia Day in the Philippines...

A longtime reader is moving to the Philippines to try the ex-pat life, having tired of living in an oh-so-blue liberal bastion of tolerance - where they're so blue and PC they drove a high-end wine shop out of business because it also had the temerity to sell high-end cigars. 

Anyway, 'tis Australia Day, and here's his report from the Philippines...

...I've been subjected to at least a dozen, increasingly more drunken and therefore worse renditions of Waltzing Matilda since noon.

The owner here at the Kingston Lodge is an Aussie, this is THE expat hangout in CDO and the place was packed today for the celebrations. Expat men sat down a level to drink and carouse and our Filipina partners all had the upper level and a free buffet to themselves. Just the way it is here. I like it. And, not that my girl is anything to sneeze at, but you should see some of the ladies these fellas have... Geebus.

Kinda amusing to see the 70/20 age difference a few times too.

Anyhow the party was/is great. Unfortunately, it's still ongoing. The Filipino band has got to have the ugliest ladyboy singer I've ever seen. Again, just part of life here. It's amusing.

And.... there goes Waltzing Matilda again, this time with all drunken Aussie chorus. It may be a long night.....




I love that commerical. :)
One of the ironies of natives living in another country is that the culture is exaggerated.
 I saw the same sort of thing among the single troops in Germany, and my ship in Italy. I guess it's a part of missing the homeland.

I've read of Aussies living in the UK having Eucalyptus leaves sent from home so they can burn them and smell one of the scents of home. Not too surprised Aussie expats carrying on as in the report. As long as they don't hurt themselves or anyone else, party on!
Heh...Have the band play Eagle Rock, and you can get a different kind of scare. :P