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A moment of Aviator zen...

[This pic gets bigger if you want it to]

Two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters hover over the skies of Spin Boldak, in the southern Kandahar province, Afghanistan, before flying away. A staple of transportation in Afghanistan, helicopters like these are used not only to transport troops in and out of hard-to-reach forward operating bases, but also as air ambulances. Photo by Spc. Cory Sparks


That makes me want to cue up "Cavalry of the Clouds."  I think I'll do that right now. Played it in High School, we did.
P.s. My favorite Alford march is still "The Mad Major."  That is not just because it is the most-perfect piece of martial music ever composed, except for "Semper Fidelis",  but also because of a certain fondness I have for the blog-owner, here.