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A lazy Saturday afternoon in the demesne...


Nice vid.  It's difficult to read some of the white lettering against very light blue to white sky and light tan vegetation, though. 
Sgt Buffy and my dog Tash look like they could have been littermates.
The other color choices sucked, too.  I tried.
I still enjoyed the vid and can't wait to see your place in real (as opposed to reel) time later this year.
Happy dogs bring joy to the soul.  Beautiful day and a well maintained domain.  Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful land, great video and wonderful music.  Thanks, enjoyed it a great deal.  Brings back memories of where I grew up.
 John, very well done. In my case, it brings back the memories of happier times. The house I live in, right now, I bought from the rest of our family.  This Is the house that I grew up in. 

THANK YOU, you are just what the doctor ordered.
I enjoyed the nice walk with some good company!

Good exercise- made me thirsty!
The text is legible if you pause to read it. This is an excellent video.

The 1% can have their gated communities, and expensive penthouse apartments; I know where the real good life is...


Well, it *is* sorta a gated community...