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What Do You Want For Christmas?

It's that time of the year again, in which Santa asks: "What do you want for Christmas little one"?

Then again we can all be naughty, and save Santa the trip.



Save Santa the trip?!? Do you know why Christmas is Santa's favorite time of year?

Cause he knows where all the naughty girls live.
The Dark Lord got there first...
 I can hear Santa now, “Just what I need, a bunch of    encouragable incorrigibles!"   This is almost as bad as when Santa was arrested for harassment when he chuckled, “Ho *HO* ho”  at those very same naughty girls.

It has been reported that Santa's "Nice/Naughty List" has been  **Hacked**! Our Nation's Leaders have been meeting at a **Secure Site** to discuss the threats to our National Security.They are now discussing what, if any, acts of retaliation, that we should take because of this breach of  National Security. Our  National Leaders are concerned about any release of information on their placement of Their Names on “Santa's  Nice/Naughty List”.

 [ End  Statement]

  To All,  have a Merry Christmas and a Good Night, heh,  heh, heh !
I'd like an EoTech site for my HK91.
I'd like an EoTech site for my HK91.

Didn't know your HK was computer literate, but here ya go...

Thanks Bill T, Fritz appreciates the thought.  What I meant was an EoTech sight for the HK91.  He'll like that even better.  The CAR15 likes her EoTech 557.

Merry Christmas to the old Pharts and Pharts in training.